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Booking agency for Famous Rock Bands

We have the best famous rock bands and artists to hire, including electrifying bands such as Foo Fighters, Muse and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Available to hire for corporate events, festivals & private parties – find out more about hiring a famous rock band or artist…

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Booking Muse will really bring starlight to your event!

Hire / Book Famous Rock Bands and Artists

As a top rock artist booking agent we have some of the best rock bands and artists in the business on hand to hire for your special event or as corporate entertainment, whether it’s setting the stage alight with an electric performance or getting in the front row for a close up gig these amazing musicians will bring the house down in any setting.

Events to Hire a Rock Band or Artist For
If you want your event to be a roaring success, booking a rock band or artist is the perfect solution. The talented rock stars on our roster will have everyone on their feet for an exciting show that will be impossible not to get caught up in. Whatever the event a rock artist is sure to make it one to remember, if you are unsure if they are right for your occasion we have thought of a few top events to book these rock artists for…

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– Corporate Events
– Festivals
– Private Party
– Product Launch
– Promotional Events
– Weddings
– Award Shows

Alongside the examples above there are many more events to hire a famous rock artist or band for, they can always bring a lively enthusiasm to the stage that will get your adrenaline pumping and your feet moving. If you are looking for more ideas or advice on booking a rock star for your event just get in touch with us and we are more than happy to help.

Exciting Rock Stars on our Roster
We have an excellent variation of rock stars on our roster who have made their mark on the industry and established themselves as some of the top musicians in the business. Each with their own unique style and talents these rock artists have won many accolades and sold out in arenas across the world. One of the incredible bands that are recognised internationally is Foo Fighters. With an impressive 11 Grammys under their belt, most recently winning Best Rock Song in 2018, these rock gods have become one of the biggest names in their genre. Foo Fighters have sold over 12 million copies in the US alone and topped the charts on many occasions, hiring them for your event is sure to blow everyone away. Additionally if you’re looking for a live performance that will leave everyone breathless then the amazing Muse are available to hire. They are well known for their excellent live shows, winning numerous awards for them, including two Brits for Best Live Act and two NME’s for Best Live Band. Also, with two Grammys to their name and 20 million albums sold worldwide this band have firmly placed themselves as one of the best in business.

Another exceptional band on our roster are Red Hot Chili Peppers, with their unique style and contagious energy they are an exciting addition to any event. The Chili Peppers have won 6 Grammys and even earned a place on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the highest commendation from the industry that reflects their respected status as a top rock band. Alongside these fantastic rock artists we have many more that would put on an outstanding performance for your event, from Tenacious D to Texas they will make a great impression on all your guests.

Facts About Rock Music
The history of rock stems all the way back to the 1950’s, when the genre ‘rock and roll’ emerged, reportedly influenced by electric blues guitarists. A year after its inception, many other subgenres had been introduced, with hybrids like folk rock, blues rock and country rock coming on the scene. A recognisable feature of rock is its link to political activism, the genre is often seen as a manifestation of the ‘protest song’; a revolt against conformity and mass consumerism. There are many more interesting facts about this dynamic music genre and the bands or artists that belong to it, such as:

  • Queen has the Guinness World Record for longest running fan club.
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers recorded ‘Blood Sugar Sex Magik’ in a haunted house previously owned by magician Harry Houdini.
  • The Co-Founder of The Rolling Stones, Brian Jones, could play over 60 instruments.

Booking a Rock Artist or Band
With some amazing rock acts on our books we have got you sorted for a fantastic event, these rock bands and artists can command any stage and really drum up some excitement, bringing the room to life. Even though you may not see the act you’re looking for on our site, we can still help! With our little black book of representatives we can assist you with finding your desired rock artist or band. As a top booking agent for famous rock bands and artists, our friendly account managers can help you put on an unforgettable event.