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Hire / Book a Photo Booth

Hire a photo booth to capture memories at your event or hire karaoke booths to get everyone singing! We have an excellent range of photo booths to choose which are guaranteed to entertain your guests!

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Hire Photo Booths

You can hire photo booths for some exciting and often hilarious entertainment at your special occasion. These installations will be an excellent addition to your event, drawing in the crowds and giving them some great memories and mementos to leave with. If you would like to hire photo booths our brilliant roster includes a fantastic variety of all shapes, designs and sizes that be customised to suit a theme or brand. Whether your guests are looking to take some fun and colourful pictures with their friends at a corporate function or want to test their vocals belting out their favourite song, if you hire photo booths you are sure to put everyone in good spirits.

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What is a Photo Booth?
This modern style kiosk can come in all shapes and sizes but essentially allows the user to take pictures either alone or as a group. There are an increasing number of different styles of photo booth being created as technology advances, including GIF-booths, slow motion, green screen and more which provide truly unique results.

Hire Photo Booths on our Books
You can hire photo booths from our extensive roster to make your event an engaging and enjoyable experience for everyone attending. Each photo booth is unique, providing props, backdrops, creative branding and more to ensure a one of a kind experience for their customer, to help you decide which photo booth to book for your event we can give you recommendations on which would best fit your chosen theme or guests. Capture your celebrations with these top-quality photo booths that provide high definition pictures of your night, whether you’re mid-dance or in fits of laughter, this range of photo booths will catch those moments in all their glory. If you’re looking to hire photo booths we have numerous styles available, here are just a few from our roster:

  • Hire photo booth: The GIF Booth – Put your photos in motion with the GIF Booth which will make you the star of your own GIF. With a multitude of settings and styles to choose from your guests can create a mix pf GIFs until their hearts content.
  • Hire photo booths: The London Taxi Booths – Climb into these converted London taxis with up to 12 other people, for some quirky pictures complete with props to make the experience memorable.
  • Hire photo booths: Photo Booths with Personality – With various designs and sizes to choose from these photo booths deliver brilliant pictures with striking backgrounds and the option to include pose suggestions which always prove to have hilarious results.

Karaoke Booths
We also offer Karaoke Booths. Everyone will be clamouring to have a turn. Whether it is a slow and soulful number in need of some swaying and soft vocals or a pop hit that gets everyone singing and dancing along, the karaoke booths can provide the excitement needed to really get a party going.

Hire Photo Booths
We have a brilliant selection of entertainment to choose from, you can hire photo boothsfrom our extensive roster to ensure your event is a true success. The popularity of photo booths at functions is always on the rise as everyone loves to get a good shot of a memorable experience that they can share with friends and family. As a leading entertainment booking agency we can help with any photo enquiries you may have, just get in touch and our experienced and amicable account managers will give you advice on which booth best suits your event.


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