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Hire / Book Fortune Tellers & Tarot Readers

Give your guests a glimpse into the future and hire fortune tellers & tarot readers. We have many fantastic fortune tellers and tarot readers who can provide magical entertainment at your event. Get in touch to learn more about booking fortune tellers or tarot readers…

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Rusela’s Tarot Reader

Hire / Book a Fortune Teller or Tarot Reader

For spellbinding entertainment that is sure to cause a sensation at all kinds of events, hire fortune tellers or hire tarot readers. The incredible fortune tellers and tarot readers on our roster will provide spiritual insight for your guests and are sure to stun with their accuracy. Always a popular addition to the occasion, if you hire fortune tellers or hire tarot readers you are sure to have guests queuing up for a chance to find out more about their future. Whether you want to hire a fortune teller for a magical themed event or hire tarot readers as some unique entertainment at a wedding, we have experienced psychics who will amaze people with their intuitive readings.

What is the Difference Between a Fortune Teller and a Tarot Reader?
There are many different types of readings, two of the most common done are by fortune tellers and tarot readers. Although the clear difference is the use of cards in tarot whereas fortune tellers often go without, a tarot reader is in fact a type of fortune teller as both divine a person’s future or enlighten them on certain aspects of their life to help the client find clarity. However, fortune tellers also often get confused with psychics which are very different in their methods; where a fortune teller can help to foresee future events or fortunes a psychic can help provide the reason why these events might occur.

Did You Know? – Fortune telling is thought to have come about as early as 4000BCE in ancient China and Egypt, where the prophetic nature of the practice was often used in ancient medicine.

Hire Fortune Tellers from our Books
Enchant your guests with some brilliant divination, hire fortune tellers to offer some guidance and insight. Whether you’re looking to give your guests a fun and interesting peek into their future or add some mystique and intrigue to the occasion, if you hire fortune tellers you are bound to make your event a success. We have many different types of fortune tellers and psychics with unique ways of reading, such as crystal balls, palmistry, clairvoyance, foot reading, graphology and much more. Here are just a few of the fantastic fortune tellers to hire from our books:

  • Hire fortune teller Jane – This multi-skilled fortune teller has travelled the world offering spiritual guidance and learning about a multitude of philosophies. She has worked with a variety of people from all over the globe, including high profile VIPs and always attracts a big crowd wherever she works.
  • Hire fortune teller Anne – This foot reader has carved a name out in the business with her unique way of reading fortunes. She can tell you a variety of things about yourself just by looking at your feet and has even used her gift on television, she is sure to make a great impression at all kinds of events.
  • Hire fortune teller Susie Shiner – Described as a modern-day Dr. Doolittle she communicates with animals and learns aspects about them and their owners. Susie Shiner has even appeared on television causing a media sensation when she demonstrated her abilities.

Hire Tarot Readers
Give your guests a memorable experience and hire tarot readers to show them their prospective futures. Everyone will be queuing for a chance to meet our talented tarot readers who stun even the most sceptical with their abilities. Whether you’re looking to hire tarot readers for some unique entertainment at a festival or to give your employees an unforgettable memento at a corporate event we have an excellent extensive roster to choose from. Here are just a few of the amazing tarot readers to hire from our books:

  • Hire tarot reader Sylvia – This insightful tarot reader is known for her astonishingly accurate readings and warm personality that makes her a welcomed addition to a range of events.
  • Hire tarot reader Rusela’s Tarot – This drag queen tarot reader puts a vibrant spin on the fortune telling with her enticingly entertaining insights, with the added bonus of some style wisdom if required.
  • Hire tarot reader Amelie – An enthusiastic and fun fortune teller, Amelie can read tarot cards and give your guests some uplifting insights with a dose of positivity to keep spirits high throughout the event.

Hire Fortune Tellers and Hire Tarot Readers
You can hire fortune teller and hire tarot readers to enchant your guests with some amazing insights into their future, we have a wealth of brilliant experts whose divinations always delight. As a top entertainment booking agent, we love to help you create a sensational event with extra special entertainment that meets your expectations. Our friendly and knowledgeable account managers are at hand to recommend the perfect fortune tellers and tarot readers to hire that will suit your theme or aesthetic. Just get in touch with any enquiries about fortune teller bookings and we would be more than happy to help you put on an event to remember.

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