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Hire / Book Fortune Tellers & Tarot Readers

Give your guests a glimpse into the future and hire fortune tellers & tarot readers. We have many fantastic fortune tellers and tarot readers who can provide magical entertainment at your event. Get in touch to learn more about booking fortune tellers or tarot readers…

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Rusela’s Tarot Reader

Hire / Book a Fortune Teller or Tarot Reader

For spellbinding entertainment that is sure to cause a sensation at all kinds of events, hire fortune tellers or hire tarot readers. The incredible fortune tellers and tarot readers on our roster will provide spiritual insight for your guests and are sure to stun with their accuracy. Always a popular addition to the occasion, if you hire fortune tellers or hire tarot readers you are sure to have guests queuing up for a chance to find out more about their future. Whether you want to hire a fortune teller for a magical themed event or hire tarot readers as some unique entertainment at a wedding, we have experienced psychics who will amaze people with their intuitive readings.

What is the Difference Between a Fortune Teller and a Tarot Reader?
There are many different types of readings, two of the most common done are by fortune tellers and tarot readers. Although the clear difference is the use of cards in tarot whereas fortune tellers often go without, a tarot reader is in fact a type of fortune teller as both divine a person’s future or enlighten them on certain aspects of their life to help the client find clarity. However, fortune tellers also often get confused with psychics which are very different in their methods; where a fortune teller can help to foresee future events or fortunes a psychic can help provide the reason why these events might occur.

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