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Hire / Book Jazz Bands

Hiring jazz bands will add some glamour to your event. The jazz bands to hire on our books consist of top calibre musicians who breath life and jazz into any party. Check out our talented jazz bands for hire…

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Megan’s Vintage Players perform a large repertoire of classic jazz standards as well as contemporary music

Hire / Book Jazz Bands

Spice up your event and hire jazz bands or hire jazz singers to get lost in the wonderous world of jazz and give your guests an experience like no other. If you hire jazz bands the combination of vibrant, immersive music and fun, energetic performers will give everyone a night to remember as they light up the stage. Or you can keep things understated and demure if you hire a jazz singer, their spellbinding vocals will create a sensational atmosphere that everyone will love, whether its upbeat or a slower melody they are sure to make a fabulous impression.

What is a Jazz Band or Singer?
Jazz is a style of music made famous on the streets of New Orleans, particularly in the African-American communities who developed the genre from traditional blues and ragtime. Gaining prominence in the 1920’s, jazz was played in illegal speakeasies during the prohibition era and soon became associated with immorality, however its popularity never ceased and the genre flourished. Jazz bands usually consist of a rhythm section and horn section in every size from a big band to a trio. Jazz singers can perform with any size band, but it is their vocals that are the star of the show. Famous jazz singers include Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday and Louis Armstrong.

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