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Hire / Book Street Entertainers, Performers & Theatre Acts

Hiring street entertainers, performers or street theatre acts will draw the crowds to your high street. Our roster of magnetic street entertainers will mix and mingle with the public to create a memorable event.

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Herbert’s Dream – Street Theatre Show

Hire / Book Street Theatre Acts

You can hire street entertainers and performers for an extraordinary event. Our street theatre acts’ compelling and captivating performances are perfect for grabbing the attention of guests making them a popular addition to any promotional event or big occasion. We have an extensive roster of street entertainers and performers, including everything from poets for hire and live story writers to recycled percussion drummers and a strong lady show, a fabulously eclectic mix of talent and fun that people of all ages will enjoy. If you want to hire street theatre acts, you are sure to find the perfect one from our books.

What is Street Theatre
Street theatre is a performance or act that is done in public areas for the enjoyment of the passing public, it can range from juggling acts to dance shows. Often it is a way for the street street entertainers and performers to promote their work and express themselves more freely, whether they are independent buskers or part of a theatre company. Street theatre encompasses a large variety of street entertainers but are generally quite vibrant, loud or striking in order to draw in the crowds.

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