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Hire / Book LED Performers & Glow Performers

The best LED Performers & Glow Performers to hire, including LED hoverboard Dancers, LED jugglers, stilt-walkers… check out our stunning LED Performers & Glow Performers roster

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Hire / Book Glow Performers & LED Performers

Brighten up your event with our exciting range of glow and LED performers to hire, these mesmerising acts will use colour and incredible visuals to enchant your guests. An LED performer can fill a room with their stunning displays of acrobatics or unique twist on a musical show, their vivid, dynamic performances creating a fantastic atmosphere that leaves their audience wanting more. If you are looking to amaze at you event, then an LED or glow performer is the best option to get people talking.

Exciting LED & Glow Performers on our Books
A modern, thrilling and mesmerising form of entertainment our brilliant range of glow and LED performers are masters of their craft. With experienced and reliable LED entertainers available to hire you are sure to find the perfect performer for a truly sensational event. Here are few LED and glow performers from the variety of acts on our roster:

  • Loz Because – An LED hula hooper, this talented performer can spin you in circles with her vibrant visual act.
  • Photon – This gorgeous glow show captivates their audience with lively, colourful acts. With all the performers showing off awe-inspiring talents your guests won’t be able to tear their eyes away.
  • The Glow Team – With an exceptional team of multi-skilled LED and glow performers, this fascinating show will light up your venue with a breath-taking performance.

Different Types of LED & Glow Performers
As LED performance art has grown ever more popular, LED and glow performers have emerged from all kinds of entertainment, incorporating cutting edge technology into their acts to provide a more dynamic act with a colourful visual element. There are a wide range of different LED performers with unique shows to pick from, here are a few of the diverse glow and LED entertainment performers available to book:

  • LED Hula Hoopers – We have a variety of innovative hula hoopers who have added LED lighting to their hoops to create a colourful visual display and add some edge to their act.
  • Glow Drummers – Combining the attractiveness of vivid lighting and atmospheric music makes these drummers a very popular act, they can even sync the flashing LED lights with the beats of their drums for a truly impressive performance.
  • LED Robots – Head to toe in LED lighting these robots are a guaranteed attention grabber, the crowds will awe at the revolutionary technology.

Booking an LED or Glow Performer
Make your event unforgettable, book a Glow Performer or LED Performer to put on an amazing show for your event, most effective in the dark these exceptional acts will blow away your guests and make for a stunning filmic show. As a top entertainment booking agency we can recommend the best LED and glow performers to hire that fit all your requirements and will be a spectacle at the special occasion. Just get in touch and our warm, experienced account managers will work with you to ensure your event is a true success.

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