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Hire / Book Chinese Circus Acts

For a vibrant, cultured event you can hire Chinese circus acts to put on a dynamic show full of colour and incredible stunts. We have everything from Shaolin warriors to Chinese acrobats who will thrill with their talents. To find out more about hiring Chinese circus acts just give us a call…

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Chinese Acrobats – Chinese Circus Performers

Hire / Book Chinese Circus Acts

You can hire Chinese circus acts that are sure to make a lasting impression, bringing an array of incredible Chinese circus performers into the ring that will amaze your guests. Our Chinese circus acts consist of incredible acts of super strength, Chinese acrobats, Shaolin warriors and many more thrilling performers that engage the crowds with their fascinating talents. As an entertainment booking agency we have Chinese circus acts of all different shapes and sizes, they can step into the spotlight to put on a brilliant show that will make your event an absolute triumph.

What is a Chinese Circus?
Chinese circus acts have roots in the Qin Dynasty where performers would put on a variety show for the people. Chinese circus shows consist of distinctive Eastern acts such as shaolin monks, Peking opera and Kung Fu demonstrations alongside typical Western circus acts like fire performers and juggling. Chinese circus acts have evolved with time, incorporating new elements such as Chinese yo-yo or high wire acrobats.

Did you know that many Chinese circus acts frequently use everyday objects in remarkable ways, this stems from ancient China where market traders would perform with their wares to draw in the crowds, for example balancing on chairs.

Chinese Circus Acts on our Roster
The Chinese circus acts to hire on our books perform fantastic shows filled with astonishing acrobatics and other sensational stunts that will have your guests on the edge of their seats. The presence of Chinese circus acts at any event will make for some captivating and atmospheric entertainment that will bring the venue to life. Here are some examples of Chinese circus acts to hire on our roster:

  • Face Changer – A prominent Chinese circus act that uses colourful masks to display the feelings of the character in a wonderfully artistic way, bringing together performance and aesthetic for a unique show.
  • Chinese Acrobats – This Chinese circus act are extremely experienced, with many performers learning the arts from the young age of six, they combine contemporary and traditional Chinese acts for an exceptional show.
  • Shaolin Monks – This award-winning Chinese circus act put on astounding feats of superhuman strength such as balancing on two fingers and breaking staffs with their throats for a truly remarkable performance.

Booking Chinese Circus Acts
If you are looking to hire Chinese circus acts then we have some brilliant performers that will make for a memorable event that all your guests will enjoy. Whether it’s for a cultural themed event to immerse the attendees in Chinese arts or as a unique opening for an awards show they are sure to be a hit. Our expert account managers will dedicate themselves to finding the perfect Chinese circus act to hire for you occasion, taking into account all your requirements and getting you the best deal possible. As an entertainment booking agency, we have the connections to make sure your event is a triumph so just get in touch and we will help you hire Chinese circus acts that promise to entertain.

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