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Hire / Book Comedy Waiters & Spoof Waiters

For sensational surprises and hilarious hi-jinks you can hire comedy waiters and hire spoof waiters to give your guests a memorable meal. For more information about hiring comedy waiters and hiring spoof waiters just get in touch…

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Hire / Book Comedy Waiters

Hire comedy waiters for your next event and really surprise your guests! Comedy waiters are performers who blend in with and work alongside genuine waiters, and as the meal progresses, they interact with guests for an unforgettable evening of one-off comedy. If you are looking to hire comedy waiters, they always go down a storm at a whole host of events, bringing an unexpected but fun dose of wit and banter, designed to engage and entertain your guests after giving them a memorable surprise. Your guests will not see it coming as these talented professionals erupt into song or funny routines that will put a brilliant twist on the occasion.

What’s the Difference between Comedy Waiters and Spoof Waiters?
If you would like to hire comedy waiters but not quite sure what the difference between a comedy waiter and spoof waiter is? Comedy waiters and spoof waiters are synonymous, both used to describe waiters that surprise your guests with a perfected comedy routine or engage them in witty conversation with hilarious results.

Check out our roster of very comical comedy waiters for hire including…

Hire Comedy Waiters from our Books
Have your guests in fits of giggles and hire comedy waiters to entertain the unsuspecting attendees with their funny antics. The delightful comedy waiters on our books each have a unique and hilarious act that surprises the guests, whether it’s a calamitous waiter whose clumsiness is the cause of much amusement or a waiter whose juggling talents are incorporated into a variety of food-based displays. If you hire comedy waiters, you are sure to have a unique and engaging event that your guests are sure to enjoy. Here are just a few of the captivating comedy waiters to hire from our roster:

  • Hire comedy waiters Lady Grey – Deception is these waiters craft as they stun guests with their precarious balancing acts, slap stick stunts and disastrous dancing, this display of interactive comedy makes sure the event is one to remember.
  • Hire comedy waiter Gaston the Gastronome – This comedy waiter performs an array of fantastic feats with food, stunning guests with his gastronomic talents and putting smiles on faces.
  • Hire comedy waiters Surprise Waiters – These waiters suddenly break into dance after causing a commotion at your event, attracting the attention of the guests before having them burst out in laughter at the surprising display of acrobatics and choreography that occur.

Hire Comedy Waiters and Hire Spoof Waiters
Create a memorable meal for all your guests and hire comedy waiters to surprise and entertain with a variety of food-based acts or some dynamic dancing. Perfect as an ice breaker or to get the party well and truly started, if you hire comedy waiters you are sure to give your guests an extraordinary experience. We are a top entertainment booking agency with an extensive roster of brilliantly talented acts including some excellent comedy waiters, our experienced and friendly account managers are here to give you any recommendations or advice you may require, making sure you have the perfect entertainment for your event. Just get in touch and we would be more than happy to help your hire comedy waiters for a wacky but wonderful event.

If you want to hire comedy waiters or spoof waiters call us and we will be very happy to help! Also check out our Singing Waiters for hire.

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