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Hire / Book Comedy Waiters & Spoof Waiters

Comedy waiter, Gaston the Gastronome, will have your dinner guests in giggles, unleashing gastronomic gaffs and displays of daring deeds with dishes. Check out our roster of funny Comedy Waiters & Spoof Waiters for hire

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Hire / Book Comedy Waiters

Hire comedy waiters for your next event and really surprise your guests! Comedy waiters are performers who blend in with and work alongside genuine waiters, and as the meal progresses interact with guests for an unforgettable evening of one-off comedy.

What’s the difference between comedy waiters and spoof waiters?
Considering hiring comedy waiters but not quite sure what the difference between a comedy waiter and spoof waiter is? Comedy waiters and spoof waiters are synonymous.

Check out our roster of very comical comedy waiters for hire including…

Hire Comedy Waiters
Guests will be taken by surprise when the Lady Grey clumsy comedy waiters fail to meet the slick, coordinated service requirements traditionally expected. Their deceiving comedy waiters will delight, entertain and shock. With their precarious balancing acts, dancing disasters and slap stick spillages, Lady Grey’s comedy waiters create an unforgettable evening of unique interactive comedy and entertainment.

Gaston the Gastronome will have audiences in giggles, clad in chef’s whites he will unleash a gaggle of gastronomic gaffs, demonstrate fancy feats with fruit, chuck crockery, balance baguettes and display plenty of daring deeds with dishes.

Hire Spoof Waiters
Spoof Waiter, Mark appears, at first, to be a normal waiter, fitting in with those that you have at your function. As pre-dinner drinks are underway, slowly you start to realise, through the hilarious antics of Mark, that there is something quite odd and funny about this waiter, as he falls over and bemuses guests whilst serving drinks with a shakey hand. As the evening progresses, guests suddenly realise that Mark is indeed a spoof waiter!

If you want to hire comedy waiters or spoof waiters call us and we will be very happy to help! Also check out our Singing Waiters for hire.

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