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Hire / Book Live Background Music

Hire live background music – we have a fantastic range of professional international musicians and singers for hire who perform beautiful background music which won’t inhibit your guests but enhance the ambiance.

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Hire / Book Background Musicians

Hire live background music with Contraband! Background musicians are an extremely popular choice to hire for any type of event. Create a ambient atmosphere at your event and hire background musicians to provide some soothing music. These astounding background musicians are some of the leading professionals in the business, each bringing talent and musical expertise to your event to ensure it goes off perfectly.

What is background music?
Background music refers to music which is not intended to be a primary focus of potential listeners. There are two types of background music: live background music performed by musicians and singers and pre-recorded music.

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What is the purpose of background music?
The purpose of background music is to fill silence, but not to be listened to, too carefully yet create an atmosphere. Thus the repertoire and volume level of background music is deliberately chosen and can affect behavioral and emotional responses of the listeners.

What are the benefits of hiring background music?
Music subconsciously affects people’s mood, energy levels, memory recall and sometimes behaviour. Music can also heighten people’s sense of connection to people, experiences and spaces – even businesses. Consequently quiet music can still be emotionally evocative. Researchers have found that it can affect, for example:

  • Retail – a customer’s perception of how much time has passed while waiting in a queue, how co-operative shoppers are with sales staff, and even which country of a wine to choose!
  • Dining – how fast diners chew at a faster pace when higher-tempo music was played while another study found that diners were willing to spend more money when classical music was played in the background than when there was no music at all.
  • Weddings – guests energy – slow songs can lull the energy at wedding
  • Corporate events – subtle background music at corporate events can make guests feel calm, while music between conference talks gives the audience time to relax and take their mind off work.

What to consider when hiring live background music:

  • Get the balance right – the music should be impressive but not overpowering.
  • Choose the right act for your event – even though the background musicians are in the background, they contribute to the scene and atmosphere of the venue.
  • Choose the right music genre for your occasion and guests.

Hire Live Background Music
If you are after some atmospheric and hypnotic music hire background musicians. Perfect for corporate or private events, whether it’s a gala dinner or intimate occasion you can hire background musicians to emit an elegant ambiance for your guests. As a top entertainment booking agency, we love to help you put on an event to be proud of so if you hire background musicians with us our experienced account managers will be sure to find the best background musicians to suit the occasion. Just get in touch to hire background musicians and we would be delighted to assist you with producing an exceptional event.


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