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Hire / Book Acrobats & Acrobatic Acts

Our exceptional acrobats and acrobatic acts to hire will amaze your guests with twisting, somersaulting, hand balancing and floor acrobatics. These talented performers can bring their spectacular act to any private or corporate function for an event to remember.

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Olympic Rhythmic Gymnasts

Hire / Book Acrobats & Acrobatic Acts

If you’re looking to hire acrobatic acts for an incredible, captivating performance to headline your event these astonishing acrobats can promise you a show you’ll never forget. With some unique and beautiful routines, they will command the room, ensuring all eyes are on them as they reveal their impressive control and skill. As an entertainment booking agency we specialise in recognising the best in the business and the acrobats to hire on our books can deliver a top quality show that is sure to make your event one to remember.

Acrobats and Acrobatic Acts on our Books
The fantastic range of acrobats and acrobatic acts to hire on our roster include elite athletes who are the best in their field, some of which have even competed in the Olympics! These amazing acrobats will put on an enthralling show dedicated to entertaining their audience, with a variety of diverse acts; all unique in their own right, you can hire acrobats from all kinds of backgrounds to amaze at your event. Here are some examples of acrobatic acts to hire on our roster:

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  • Harlequins – These darkly mystical acrobats provide some gothic grace, putting on an acrobatic act that weaves its way through the crowds and mesmerises your guests with a fascinating intensity.
  • Spheric – This acrobatic act is based in and around a giant plastic bubble, making for a captivating performance that can be tailored to your event for a truly atmospheric experience.
  • Olympic Rhythmic Gymnasts – Comprised of world class gymnasts who have represent Great Britain at the likes of the Commonwealth and Olympic Games, these prestigious athletes will astound you guests with an engrossing, exciting visual act.

History of Acrobats
The tradition of acrobatics can be traced back thousands of years, with Minoan art depicting people balancing on the backs of bulls and performing amazing acrobatic feats. Acrobats were also present in Ancient Greece where they would impress the crowds during religious ceremonies, and in the Middle Ages where they would carry out their routines at noble court as entertainment for the monarchy.

Booking an Acrobatic Act
If you’re looking to hire acrobats to bring your event to life with some fantastic tricks and a bewilderingly brilliant balancing act, then our experienced account managers can help! Using the resources and connections at their fingertips they will assist you with your acrobatic act booking to ensure your event is a great success. As a top entertainment agency we would be thrilled to help you hire acrobatic acts, just get in touch for more information and advice.


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