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Hire / Book Ice Cream Catering & Dessert Catering

For some marvellous melt in the mouth food at your event hire ice cream catering or hire dessert catering. We have a scrumptious roster of tasty treats that will have your guests wanting more! To find out more about hiring ice cream or dessert catering just give us a call…

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The Boiler Boys’s amazing nitrogen dessert station

Hire Ice Cream Catering & Dessert Catering

To make sure you have a sweet and scrumptious event you can hire dessert catering to create a tempting array of treats for your guests. Or if you’re looking to keep it cool you can hire ice cream catering for a deliciously refreshing range of flavours that your guests will love. Satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth with our extensive variety of dessert catering to hire, from doughnut tricycles to edible mist orbs. You can also hire ice cream catering with a twist, such as liquid nitrogen ice cream or ice cream rolls, giving your guests a fantastic frozen delicacy that will have them coming back for more. Our roster of ice cream catering and dessert catering is crammed full of a wealth of brilliant food services that will be a hit with your guests.

What is Ice Cream Catering and Dessert Catering?
If you’re looking to put on an event and need some delectable desserts to offer your guests, then you can hire ice cream or dessert catering to take care of this for you. These types of catering can come in many forms, from tricycles to futuristic nitro creations to classic ice cream vans, there will be something for every kind of event.

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