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Hire / Book Swing Bands & Swing Singers

Hire swing bands or swing singers for undeniably fun entertainment at your event. The swing singers and bands on our roster have performed around the world, their impressive vocals and instrumental talent always drawing in crowds. To learn more about hiring swing singers and swing bands just get in touch…

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Hire / Book Swing Bands & Swing Singers

Incite some party spirit at your event and hire swing bands or hire swing singers to provide some up-tempo and exciting music. The amazing swing bands and singers to hire on our books brighten up an event with their contagious energy and passion for music, if you hire swing bands they will get everyone up on the dancefloor with some classic covers and amazing performance. Whether it’s a brilliant celebration with family and friends that needs an equally fun swing band to accompany the proceedings or you want to hire swing singers for a demure and glamorous affair, we can help. With a diverse mix of talented swing singers and swing bands to hire you are sure to have an outstanding event.

What is a Swing Singer or Swing Band?
This style of popular music first came to fruition during the late 1920’s, gaining prominence and popularity in the 1930’s and 1940’s. With roots in jazz, swing music has developed over time; first introduced as a way to help ease the melancholy influence of the great depression, it is widely recognised as an uplifting form of entertainment that helps to get people dancing their worries away. The swing singers and swing bands to hire on our books channel this positive and inclusive spirit in their performances, making sure every one of your guests has a good time.

Did You Know? – When swing music reached Germany it was banned because the Nazi’s believed it went against their ideology.

What is the Difference Between Swing Bands and Jazz Bands?
There are certain elements in both jazz and swing music that can lead to them getting mixed up. To make sure you pick the right genre to suit your event we have looked into it to highlight the differences between the two. Swing music can be seen as a sub-genre of jazz due to its roots in the genre, but it has evolved to be its own distinguishable style of music. So, where jazz can be identified from its improvisational style with strong rhythm and blending of European and African culture, swing music tends to be more upbeat, being played by a big band with a vocalist and focusing more precisely on the rhythm aspect that was derived from its start in jazz.

Hire Swing Bands on our Books
We have an exciting array of swing bands to hire on our roster that will make your event truly special. If you would like to hire swing bands we can offer you some lively performers that have extensive experience and know how to get a party started, with their own brand of classic, infectiously fun music, and fusion of instrumental and vocals they will get all your guests in the mood to dance. Here are just a few of the excellent swing singers and swing bands to hire on our books:

  • Hire The Sapphire Swing – This swing band put a modern twist on the classic genre with an exciting fusion of vintage, jazz, swing and pop which allows for a remarkable show that they have performed around d the world at both private and corporate events.
  • Hire USO – This amazing 20-piece swing band provide immersive and exciting entertainment at any event, performing some swing classics as well as modern swing tracks. With celebrity clients such as Mariah Carey and experience performing for big brands like Ikea and Lancôme this exceptional band deliver a unique show that everyone will enjoy.
  • Hire The Hepbir Band – A passionate gypsy swing band, there is also the option of adding the impressive vocals of singer Sara for a particularly memorable performance. With experience at a wide range of functions this swing band create a joyful atmosphere that your guests will love.

Hire Swing Singers on our Books
You can also hire swing singers that use their velvet vocals and magnetic charisma to draw in the crowds for an unforgettable performance. Alone or accompanying a band, these mesmerising swing vocalists make for exceptional entertainment as they put on a spellbinding show that is sure to captivate and impress your guests. Here are a few of the swing singers to hire on our books:

  • Hire swing singer Paul – This swing singer has brought his enchanting vocals to events around the world, building a fan base and making a brilliant impression wherever he performs. With charisma and an immense love for the world of swing, Paul can perform with a band or alone with a show that is sure to stick in the minds of his audience.
  • Hire swing singer Kevin – Capturing the essence of top swing vocalists such as Michael Buble, Kevin always delivers a glittering performance that combines contemporary and classic swing. Whether it is solo or with his band Kevin knows how to get an event in full swing.
  • Hire swing singer Megan – This incredible swing singer will send you back in time as she romances the crowds with her powerful vocals and engaging performance.

Hire Swing Singers and Swing Bands
If you are looking to hire swing singers or hire swing bands our fabulously diverse and gifted performers can fulfil all your swing desires. Whatever your event; private or corporate, small or big, formal or casual we can recommend the perfect swing singers or swing bands to hire that can make it an absolute dream. As a top entertainment booking agency, we have friendly and experience account managers that will help point you in the direction of some amazing swing bands or swing singer that you can hire for the special occasion. All you need to do is give us a call and we would be happy to help you put on an event with one of our talented swing singers or swing bands.

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