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Hire / Book Walkabout Animals & Walkabout Creatures

You can make your event a fascinating cornucopia of brilliant beasts if you hire walkabout animals or hire walkabout creatures. Just get in touch to find out more about hiring walkabout animals…

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Walkabout Pete The Dinosaur – there’s a man in their!

Hire / Book Walkabout Animals & Walkabout Creatures

You can celebrate your event among the wild and wonderful when you hire walkabout animals or hire walkabout creatures. Our fascinating variety of walkabout animals can transform your event in an intriguing wilderness; exciting and mesmerising guests with their impressive bespoke costumes and creations. Whether you want to hire walkabout animals for a jungle themed event in need of larger than life beasts or are looking to hire walkabout creatures to add some magic with their mystical appearance, we have a variety of acts that will go down a storm.

What are Walkabout Animals and Walkabout Creatures
Walkabout animals are not real animals, instead they are performers who have created some incredible costumes to look like a particular creature; real or mythical. They can roam around your event, interacting with guests and adding to the atmosphere with their eye-catching appearance. Often these walkabout animals also have a particular quirk or trick to entertain onlookers, such as a chatting through a puppet or revealing some amazing animatronics to surprise their audiences.

Hire Walkabout Animals and Hire Walkabout Creatures from our Roster
If you are looking to hire walkabout animals, we have a fantastic array of performers and animatronic costumes that are sure to delight and amaze the crowds. Interacting with your guests and giving them some special memories is these walkabout animals’ forte, they know how to get everyone having a good time and enchant the kids with their hilarious and fun antics. You can also hire walkabout creatures who creative appearance and wondrous appeal always goes down a storm with onlookers of all ages, our roster contains some brilliant walkabout acts that can bring something truly unique to the occasion. Here are just a few of the excellent walkabout animals and walkabout creatures to hire on our books:

  • Hire Walkabout Animals The Flamingos – These incredibly crafted flamingos always draw the attention of the crowds with their striking costumes and elegant movements, as well as their beautiful lights which are perfect for any night events.
  • Hire Walkabout Creature T.Rex – This prehistoric marvel will make a great impression at your occasion, putting on a spectacle as they stomp dramatically through the crowds and get close enough for you to feel the intricacies of the costume.
  • Hire Walkabout Animal The Polar Bear and Handler Ursula – This polar bear is beautifully made and sure to help conjure up that winter wonderland feel at your occasion, alongside its handler this pair will engage their audience with a mesmerising performance.

Hire Walkabout Animals and Hire Walkabout Creatures
You can make sure your event is a remarkable and outstanding occasion when you hire walkabout animals and hire walkabout creatures. These fascinating walkabout acts are a captivating and unique choice for your event. As a top entertainment booking agency we have the knowledge and capacity to help you find the perfect walkabout animal that will fit in perfectly at your event and make an excellent impression. Our dedicated and friendly account managers can give you some recommendations and advice, all you have to do is give us a call and we would be more than happy to help you with your walkabout animal or walkabout creature booking. We are at hand to assist you with putting on an event to remember.

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