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The Pixies – Balloon Modellers & Walkabout Characters | UK

These charming, mischievous, funny and sweet pixies are bound to raise a big smile and bring a touch of Christmas sparkle wherever they go.

They are fantastic balloon modellers and they have earned a gold star from Father Christmas himself.

The pixies are well known for their magical walkabout and their pixie language! They will steal a hat and have a little game, or be so amused by a shoe, a toy or a piece of jewellery. And with their special magic dust and silly tricks the guests will be even more delighted.

A wonderful, good comedy walkabout performance, which is very interactive with the audience.

Standard Length of Performance: 3 x 45 minutes sets.


"The feedback we got about you and your balloons was amazing- you truly made the event extra special"
- Young Vic

Previous Clients Include:

Heineken Beer Festival
Glastonbury Festival
John Lewis
Lakeside Shopping Centre
Blue Water Shopping Centre

Photos of The Pixies