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Animals for Hire

We have lots of amazing animals to hire on our roster for some family friendly fun and the opportunity to interact with some fascinating creatures. The animals on our roster range from festive reindeer to brilliant bird displays and much more. Contact us to find out more about hiring animals…

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Animals for Hire

Take a walk on the wild side with our roster of amazing animals for hire, with everything from reindeer to snakes, your kids will love the chance to see these animals up close. Not just a fun experience, hiring animals for your event can also be very educational and eye-opening, informing the children about wildlife and nature whilst also giving them the chance to interact with animals they may not have before. This could in turn lead them on to gain an invested interest in animals, perhaps even inspiring future careers!

Animals to Hire on our Roster
We have a fantastic selection of animals for hire that will stun your guests, whether it’s daring yourself to hold a massive snake or witnessing the talents of the canine freestyle team. There is everything from the cute and cuddly to the more scaly and mysterious, you are sure to find the perfect animals to suit the atmosphere of your event. Here are a few examples of animals for hire through us:

  • Reindeer For Christmas – For a truly authentic Christmas experience hire reindeer! This established team will ensure your festive event will be extra special for everyone if these reindeer are present,
  • Petting Zoo – Always popular with the children, if you hire a petting zoo they can stroke, feed and hold adorable animals, the smiles will be plastered on their faces all day.
  • Snakey Sue – An experienced snake handler, Sue provides an insightful educational experience as kids will be introduced to all her different snakes who are well looked after and so thrive on interaction with people.

Benefits of Hiring Animals for Your Event
The addition of an animal to your event always makes it a hit with children and grownups alike, no one can resist petting a fluffy chick or seeing a wilder creature such as a falcon close-up, it is truly an experience like no other. But just in case you’re on the fence about whether you should hire an animal for the occasion we have thought of three top advantages to booking an animal:

  • Demographic – An animal show or petting zoo is popular with all ages, whether you’re a kid learning new things and jumping at the opportunity to stroke a fluffy animal or an adult who marvels at the skills of dogs doing tricks or finally getting the chance to hold a snake.
  • Awareness – If you hire an animal for your event it may be your intent to teach your guests about a certain animal charity or enlighten them about previous unknown aspects about these animals. The animals and their handlers are the best possible choice to help with this.
  • Cute Factor – The simple pleasure of interacting with animals is always a joy, it can help induce a happy and warm ambience at your event which is a benefit to everyone. If you hire an animal you can guarantee people will be having a good time.

Animals for Hire
We have animals of all sorts of shape and sizes on our books that available for hire, just give us a call and we can advise you of the perfect animal show, petting zoo or festive animal to hire for your special occasion. We are top entertainment booking agency who has the resources and knowledge to help you hire animals that everyone will enjoy, our account managers are dedicated professionals who have the experience to assist you with any questions and give you some brilliant ideas of animals for hire.

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