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Experiential Marketing Entertainment Ideas & Hire

Hire experiential marketing entertainment and increase you brand visibility and sales! Check out some of our crowd-pulling experiential marketing entertainment ideas.

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Experiential Marketing Entertainment Ideas & Hire

If you want your company to stand out from the crowd, we have some amazing and unique Event marketing and experiential marketing ideas for you. Whether you’re looking to launch a business or want to get a message out to the public there are lots of ways to make sure your event marketing or experiential marketing campaign will be a success. We have an excellent roster of experiential marketing ideas to help you out, from pavement artists to digital graffiti walls; there are some great ways to make a bold and eye-catching statement.

Moreover, we have very fun roster of Christmas promotional entertainment ideal for in store and high street Christmas promotions.

If you’re lost for event marketing or experiential marketing ideas no need to worry! We have thought of some advice and tips to give you some support in putting together a brilliant marketing campaign. We understand the importance of reflecting your company in the best light and can offer you some fresh event marketing ideas to get you started.

The Advantages of Event Marketing and Experiential marketing
To begin you should know why you want to do event marketing or experiential marketing; is it to get the company in the public eye? Maybe it’s to launch a new product? There are a number of benefits of experiential marketing and we have listed a few to show you why it’s a good decision.

  • Increased visibility: With a clever campaign and some memorable advertising you can get the company name out there, this also makes the company seem more authentic and reliable as customers and clients will recognise you.
  • Positive Representation: A successful piece of Experiential marketing will reflect well on your company and its brand, a fresh and interesting idea will make the company seem creative and forward-thinking.
  • Improved Sales: You can use experiential marketing as a way to advertise a sale or the launch of a certain product. This can attract new customers to try out the product and inform existing customers of a new development in a fun and different way.
  • Social Media perks: A piece of art or exciting flash mob can attract a lot of attention and as a bonus people may film or picture it and send it out on social media. Creating a hashtag for the marketing would be a wise move.

It can be exciting coming up with ideas for experiential marketing; it is an opportunity for creativity and to think about the aesthetics and representation of the company. The advantages listed above are some good aspects to aim for, by keeping them in mind you are sure to produce an effective campaign. We are here to take some of the weight off your shoulders, just give us a call for any event marketing or experiential marketing ideas.

Our Top 5 Unique Experiential Marketing Ideas
For an unforgettable marketing campaign it is always best to think outside the box, we have thought of a few of our favourite unique experiential marketing ideas to give you some inspiration…

  1. Pavement Artist – An effective way of catching the public’s eye, you can hire a pavement artist to create an attractive piece for the company. With a vibrant and eye-catching piece of artwork they will impress and grab the attention of any passers-by.
  2. Flash Mob – A great way to make an impression, you can hire a flash mob to surprise the public and represent the company in a fun and enjoyable way.
  3. Colouring in Art – Booking this would be a fun and interactive way to get people involved and interested in the company, lots of people would be able to contribute to the overall result and it would promote a friendly and inclusive ideology for the company.
  4. Graffiti – A modern and colourful way to get a message out, a clever bit of graffiti can draw a lot of attention and you can even hire a digital wall for any indoor events or to make it an interactive experience.
  5. 3D Mapping – A popular and original idea which, as well as being exciting and striking, also shows the company to be current and stylish.

More PR Marketing Ideas
We have many more marketing and PR ideas if none these take your fancy, from PR stunt teams to extraordinary walkabout acts, there is truly something for every kind of company! If you have something even more specific in mind just give us a call, our account managers would be happy to give you some advice; we have plenty of bespoke packages and fresh ideas to offer you.

Contraband is one of the UK’s top entertainment agencies and marketing entertainment specialists. With our outgoing and skilled account managers we can get you some exclusive deals and recommend some amazing experiential marketing entertainment to hire. Contact us today for event marketing or experiential marketing ideas to make your marketing campaign the best it can be.

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