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Hire / Book Singing Waiters & Surprise Singing Waiters

Hire singing waiters to surprise your guest with an expected performance. We have a variety of excellent singing waiters to hire for a unforgettable occasion. To find out more about hiring singing waiters just get in touch…

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Incognito Singing Waiters’ Wedding Performance

Hire / Book Singing Waiters & Surprise Singing Waiters

Embrace the unexpected and hire singing waiters to stun your guests with a surprise performance at your event. Whether you’re looking to set up for a grand romantic gesture such as an engagement or are after an amusing rendition of a classic hit to surprise guests at a wedding, these excellent singing waiters will prove to be a big hit at any function. The singing waiters on our roster are talented vocalist who love what they do, putting passion and fun into every performance and ensuring that they help you make the event special.

What is a Singing Waiter?
A singing waiter blends into your event, serving food and drink to your guests before suddenly bursting into song and serenading your guests with some pop hits or a powerful classic. As they walk about the venue mingling with guests, singing, and joking around, they are sure to get the party spirit in full swing. All these singing waiters are talented performers whether it’s a background in musical theatre or as a vocalist, they will work with you to put on the perfect surprise.

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Did You Know? – The popularity of singing waiters means that there is a demand for eve more surprise performers, from singing chefs or even fake guests to singing ‘firefighters’ or ‘paramedics.’

Hire Singing Waiters on our Books
If you would like to hire singing waiters for a sensational event we have a vibrant roster of exceptional performers with a wealth of experience and talent. Our fantastic singing waiters know how to make a surprise special and will put on a memorable show whether you’re after romance or hilarity. These versatile performers can tailor their show to fit the occasion, if you hire singing waiters they will work with you to make sure everything runs smoothly, and no one will guess what’s about to happen. Whatever your event you are sure to find a brilliant singing waiter from our extensive roster, here are just a few of the singing waiters available to hire with us:

  • Hire singing waiters Undercover Artists – These exciting performers bring tons of enthusiasm and talent to every gig, making sure they shock your guests with their impromptu performances full of humour and energy.
  • Hire singing waiters Tenori E Bassi – This quartet put an operatic twist on a singing waiter performance, captivating crowds with their powerful vocals and lively act that will make for a truly breath-taking surprise.
  • Hire singing waiters The Singing Stars – This dynamic act always goes down a storm, with an upbeat repertoire of modern music and an energetic high impact performance designed to stun your guests.

Hire Singing Waiters
If you would like to hire singing waiters to amaze your guests with a shock performance at your event, then we have a cavalcade of incredible acts on our books to choose from. With a wealth of experience and charisma these singing waiters know the best way to integrate themselves in the proceedings to perfectly set up for an astounding surprise. As a top entertainment booking agency, we have the knowledge and skill to help you put on a exciting event full of quality surprises and engaging performances. If you are looking to hire singing waiters just give us a call and our friendly account managers will assist you with choosing the perfect act, offering up recommendations and advice so you are happy with your final choice. Make your event a stunning spectacle and hire singing waiters with us.


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