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Hire / Book Singing Waiters & Surprise Singing Waiters

Really surprise and amuse your guests with incognito singing waiters who will make your guests smile. Our roster of singing waiters covers all genres of music.

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Incognito Singing Waiters’ Wedding Performance

Hire / Book Singing Waiters & Surprise Singing Waiters

Hire singing waiters and waitresses to really surprise and amuse your guests. Perfect wedding entertainment and ideal for corporate functions, our surprise singing waiters will make your guests smile. Our roster of singing waiters covers all genres of music

Hire Opera on the Run Singing Waiters who have been entertaining at private parties and corporate events for over fifteen years now and comprises of some of the most highly accomplished operatic and musical talent in the country.

Hire the Tenors Incognito Singing Waiters who offer classically trained singers who pose as staff or members of the public at corporate dinners, conferences, birthday parties, weddings and/or sporting fixtures etc. Each impostor takes the microphone for an impromptu song, climaxing – as the perplexed audience gradually realises the trick – with the trio singing together in a stunning finale which gets everyone up on their feet.

Hire HV Singing Waiters whose first set typically begins as they quietly blend with the regular wait staff and guests becoming increasingly clumsy, creating an entertaining scene in the middle of the room typically just after the main course has been served or during the drinks reception, which culminates with the performers breaking out into song.

Hire The Singing Stars waiters who are guaranteed three outstanding vocalists or dancers who will be hidden covertly within your event as waiters, chefs, guests or whatever you desire! Suddenly and without warning, they will burst into high impact and dynamic performance of modern music, inspiring your guests to be singing and dancing along to hits from Robbie Williams, Beyonce, Ricky Martin Queen…

Contact us today if you would like to hire singing waiters or surprise singing waiters – we as your booking agent are more than happy to help you create the most memorable event.

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