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Hire Interactive Sports Games

If you hire interactive sports games you are sure to give your guests a thrilling experience. A popular addition to all kinds of occasions they work great as ice breakers or just a chance to show off your skills. For more information on hiring interactive sports games just get in touch…

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Hire Interactive Sports Games

Give your guests a chance to test their sporting prowess and hire interactive sports games as some exciting entertainment at your event. Everyone can indulge in some competitive spirit as they face off against family and friends on these interactive sports games, we have games for all your favourite sports including everything from football to snowboarding. Whether you’re looking to try something new or polish up their skills on their favourite sport, these interactive sports games guarantee hours of fun for all ages. If you are looking to hire interactive sports games we can help, with our comprehensive roster you are sure to find the perfect installation for your special occasion.

What is an Interactive Sports Game?
Interactive sports games are a form of entertainment that hit arcades and our screens as technology advanced, combing video games and sports to create a much beloved industry. Interactive sports games include everything from Scalextric to virtual racers to simulators; allowing the players to indulge in some sport wherever the event may be.

Did You Know? – One of the first interactive sports games was ‘Pong’ a simplistic but effective simulation of a game of ping-pong that was created in 1972.

Hire Interactive Sports Games
We have a dynamic array of interactive sports games to hire to keep the conversation flowing and the excitement at its peak at your event. If you are looking to hire interactive sports games then we have lots to choose from that are sure to go down a storm with all your guests. Whether you’re looking to give your child that extra special birthday party or are after an ice breaker where everyone can get involved at a corporate event; if you hire interactive sports games you will be giving everyone an extra special experience that will make the event a hit. Here are a few of the interactive sports games you can hire with us:

  • Hire interactive sports game Air Hockey – Battle it out with your friends with air hockey, this timeless game provides hours of fun and always proves to be a favourite for people of all ages or skill.
  • Hire interactive sports game Digital Scalextric – This nostalgia inducing game will give people a chance to relive their youth or have the younger generation try it for the first time, racing for the finish line against friends and family.
  • Hire interactive sports game Grand Prix Simulators – As you climb into this realistic simulator you will be transported to the Grand Prix by the design, technology and responsive features.

Hire Interactive Sports Games
If you choose to hire interactive sports games you are sure to put on an event to remember with dynamic and inclusive entertainment. No matter the age, ability or amount of people, everyone can enjoy an interactive sports game and it is a perfect antidote to get people socialising and conversing. Hire interactive sports games with us for some brilliant deals from a top entertainment booking agency. Our dedicated and knowledgeable account managers will work with you to find the suitable interactive sports game to book for your event. So just give us a call and we’d be more than happy to help you hire interactive sports games to make your event a sensation.

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