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Hire / Book Singers & Vocalists for Weddings and Parties

Hire singers to get people in the party spirit or create a magical ambiance. Browse our roster below which has so many options.. solo vocalists, pop, opera singers… we have the best singers for hire!

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Shola is an international singer with wonderful timing, a great sense of humour and a warm, earthy voice

Hire / Book Singers

If you would like an atmospheric event that captures the attention of your guests and provides them with a day to remember, then hire singers! We have exceptionally talented singers from a wide variety of different genres that will captivate your guests with some sensational vocals. Whatever your event, if you hire singers with us we can recommend some experienced and remarkable vocalists that will compliment your occasion perfectly. Whether it is a party where you want the crowds flocking to the dancefloor or a more elegant affair in need of passionate and compelling music, you can hire singers that will deliver utterly amazing performances and ensure your event makes a sparkling impression on everyone in attendance.

What is the Difference Between Singers and Vocalists?
Although the two terms vocalist and singer generally mean the same thing, there are certain factors which separate the two. The main difference is that a singer is used to identify someone who sings in a range of circumstances such as for a film or album, whereas a vocalist will be a singer with professional training, occasionally in the classical sense.

So, where a vocalist could be seen as more technically skilled, a singer may not have the traditional training but instead draw upon a more instinctive or natural talent. However often the words vocalist and singer are used to describe the same person, they are synonymously used to mean a person who is gifted at singing. When it comes to choosing whether to hire singers or hire vocalists it is best to rely on information given about the artist rather than the initial terms used.

Different Types of Singers to Hire
If you are looking to hire singers from a particular genre or to fit in with a certain theme we have an extensive roster of various types of singers of all styles, sizes and backgrounds. So, if you are after singers for an urban, modern style event we have beatboxers to hire or pop singers that will get everyone dancing away until the small hours. Here are a few more styles of singers we can offer you from our books:

  • Hire opera singers – Classical, powerful and atmospheric they are an impactful presence at any event.
  • Hire jazz singers – Smooth, lively and fun this genre is perfect for some vibrant evening entertainment.
  • Hire rock singers – For an exciting adrenaline rush these singers will provide some electrifying entertainment that everyone will love.
  • Hire gospel singers – Enchanting harmonies and captivating vocals make these singers a hit at every occasion.
  • Hire West End singers – Charismatic and engaging this genre blends old and new for a truly unique performance.
  • Hire motown Singers – Immerse yourself in true classics with this fabulous style of singing; full of soul and glamour.

Hire Singers & Vocalists on our Roster
We have a fantastic range of dynamic and talented singers to hire on our books, with everything from vintage and accapella to gospel and rock singers, you are truly spoilt for choice with this eclectic variety of performers. Using spellbinding vocals and their magnetic personalities to engage crowds, if you hire singers through Contraband your event is sure to be one of a kind. To give you just a taste of some of amazing singers you can hire on our books here are just a few for you to check out:

  • Hire Vintage Singer Megan – The magical Megan will inspire romance and nostalgia in your guests with her beautiful vocals covering an array of jazz, soul and contemporary music with sophistication and grace.
  • Hire Motown Singers The Diamantes – This soulful trio fuse glamour and glitz for a lively set that reflects the spirit of The Supremes. Bringing the essence of Motown to your event they will get everyone on the dancefloor.
  • Hire Singer KO-Z – After wowing crowds as a busker, this singer and guitarist has graced stage and screen as a finalist of The Voice of Turkey and continues to bring his charm and excellent vocals to stages all around the world.

Hire Singers & Vocalists
You can hire singers for all kinds of events, whether it’s a birthday, wedding, corporate event or just a simple celebration, they will add another level to your event with their brilliant live vocals and magnetic stage presence. We are a top entertainment booking agency with experienced account managers who can provide excellent recommendations on which singers to hire for your event. All you need to do is give us a call and we will be delighted to help you with booking singers that will fit in perfectly with your event. To hire singers could not be easier; get in touch and we will assist you with any enquiries you may have.

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