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Hire Scalextric Tracks

You can hire Scalextric tracks for exciting entertainment for all ages to enjoy! Race your friends or family around the track to your hearts content with these top quality Scalextric tracks. To learn more about hiring Scalextric tracks just get in touch…

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Hire Scalextric Tracks

You can hire Scalextric tracks for thrilling entertainment that will is bound to be a hit with your guests. Whether it is whizzing around the track against their friends or in effort to beat the clock for the fastest lap, these Scalextric track provide your guests with the perfect opportunity to break the ice and get the party in full swing. If you’re looking to hire Scalextric tracks for a corporate function or a private party they are sure to be a popular addition, great for all ages and abilities Scalextric tracks can test your teamwork or even pit the children against the adults to see who comes out on top. If you’re looking to hire Scalextric tracks we have a variety of different sizes and tracks to choose from that will go down a storm and all sorts of events.

What are Scalextric Tracks?
This popular form of entertainment first came to the market in 1957, recreating the thrill and excitement of formula one racing for adults and children alike. A Scalextric track consists of a number of model cars that fit onto a groove in a race track that pick up the electric current to power them around the track. Tracks can vary in size and fit a number of cars to race your friends and family with.

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Did You Know? – The longest ever Scalextric track was built by James May for his television show and measured 2.953 Kilometres. It was estimated it would take 30 minutes to complete but actually took over two and a half hours!

Hire Scalextric Tracks on Our Books
If you are looking to hire Scalextric tracks we have a great variety available on our roster, choose from a range of exciting tracks that are sure to entertain your guests all night. A perfect option for any motorheads or formula one fans, if you hire Scalextric tracks you are bound to have a memorable occasion. Scalextric tracks are also a popular choice for children’s parties as everyone has a go at speeding across the finish line, it is a brilliant way to get all the guests involved. Here are a selection of some of our excellent Scalextric tracks to hire for your event:

  • Hire Scalextric track 8-Lane Scalextric – Stylish with space for up to eight players to participate, this Scalextric track is a great addition to any party or corporate event and comes with two marshals and a computerised start for optimal racing.
  • Hire Scalextric Track Pit Stop – Ensure fun for all ages with this Scalextric track with vibrant cars so you can keep an eye on your chosen one.
  • Hire Scalextric track Digital Scalextric – A sleek and fantastically designed track, this Scalextric will a popular feature at your event with the latest technology to guarantee an excellent experience for all.

Hire Scalextric Tracks
You can hire Scalextric tracks through us for an extraordinary event that will bring out the inner racer in all of your guests. A dynamic and engaging piece of entertainment, Scalextric tracks can come in all kinds of styles and sizes, whether you’re looking for complicated twists and turns or a long stretch to overtake the others on your way to the finish line our range of Scalextric tracks will deliver. Contraband are a top entertainment agency with the knowledge and capabilities to provide the perfect Scalextric track to suit the occasion. Just get in touch to hire Scalextric tracks and our fantastic account managers will be delighted to help.


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