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Hire Digital Entertainment

Hire digital entertainment for modern and stylish attractions at your event. With impressive technology and attractive design this range of digital entertainment will be a big hit at any occasion. For more details about hiring digital entertainment get in touch…

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Hire Digital Entertainment

If you’re looking to throw a memorable event, then hire digital entertainment to astound your guests and be a source of endless amusement for everyone to enjoy. Digital Entertainment is a progressive move forward in the entertainment industry for modern, cutting edge corporate entertainment. We have some amazing digital entertainment acts for you to hire on our roster. Interactive installations provide the latest in visual and audio technology to bring a variety of engaging digital entertainment to your event, whether it is a sleek, contemporary corporate affair or a stylish way to launch your new product they are sure to grab the guest’s attention.

What is Digital Entertainment?
Digital Entertainment consists of innovative and dynamic types of installations and attractions that have been created with technology. Whether it is on an iPad, mirror or wall these incredible productions are a result of contemporary design and will be sure to draw in the crowds. Some of the different types of digital entertainment to hire include interactive walls, 3D mapping, retro booths and even the sensational experience of stargazing.

Hire Digital Entertainment on our Roster
You can hire digital entertainment that is sure to mesmerise your guests, the technological magic of these fascinating amusements is bound to draw in the crowds and give everyone something to talk about. Digital entertainment is a brilliant ice breaker and encourages socialising at any event due to the interactive nature of the installations. If you are looking to hire digital entertainment we offer a comprehensive range of different styles that will be a welcome addition to any occasion, the versatility of the digital entertainment means that people of all ages can enjoy the spellbinding experiences that these leading products have to offer. Some of the digital entertainment available to hire on our roster include:

  • Hire digital entertainment Retro Booths – Inspired by the golden era of gaming these booths allow you to play some of the most iconic games to hit our screens such as Mortal Kombat and SEGA Rally, so your guests can indulge in the 80’s experience until their heart’s content.
  • Hire digital entertainment Firewall – This enchanting experience gives guests the chance to touch the wall and watch as it reacts to their movements, giving a fiery illusion on the membrane-like fabric.
  • Hire digital entertainment Stargazing – This inflatable planetarium allows people to be transported to a starry night sky without even leaving the building. With an astronomic expert at hand to enlighten you, this experience will be an unforgettable one.

Hire Digital Entertainment
We are a leading entertainment booking agency and you can hire digital entertainment with us to ensure your event will stand out from the rest. With a roster full of exceptional acts and captivating digital entertainment at your fingertips you can have your pick of excellent entertainment that will make a sensational impression on your guests. It couldn’t be easier to hire digital entertainment, all you need to do is get in touch and our knowledgeable account managers can give you any advice or recommendations on the best digital entertainment to suit your event. Give us a call to learn more about hiring digital entertainment.

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