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Hire / Book Animatronic Puppets

Our jaw-dropping Animatronic Puppets for hire are amazingly effective for attracting crowds – they are an amazing contemporary and interactive form of entertainment.

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Jaw-dropping Pete The Dinosaur – Featured in Tesco Ad

Hire / Book Animatronic Puppet Shows

Have you ever thought of hiring a Animatronic Puppets Shows for your children’s party? We have some amazing animatronic puppets and walkabout animatronic puppets to hire, including animatronic penguins, dragons, Yetis…

Animatronic Puppet Shows for hire
Pete the walkabout dinosaur is a fully walking, hot breath snorting, roaring realistic animatronic puppet T Rex. Perfect for meet & greet photo opportunities – Pete the animatronic puppet dinosaur can also mingle among the crowd, led by his wrangler on a collar and chain.

As one of the best children’s entertainment agencies, we have a great selection of animatronic puppets that you can book. These animatronic puppets are perfect for children’s parties – just give us a call and we will be delighted to discuss a animatronic puppet booking with you!

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