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Hire animatronic puppets that are amazingly effective for attracting crowds. The brilliant animatronic puppets on our roster are a popular contemporary and interactive form of entertainment. Just get in touch to find out more about hiring animatronic puppets…

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Hire / Book Animatronic Puppet Shows

Hire animatronic puppets to make your event an extraordinary occasion, as our puppeteers bring the weird and wonderful to life with their fascinating creations. Our roster is bursting with amazing animatronic puppets that will be sure to attract the crowds, we have everything from a giant octopus to a vibrant dragon. If you hire animatronic puppets you are sure to make your event extra special with these expertly crafted and dynamic acts that provide guests with an interactive experience that they are sure to love. Whether you’re after a charismatic character for a children’s party or want to add to your theme with some unique entertainment, you are sure to find the perfect animatronic puppets to hire from our books.

What is an Animatronic Puppet?
The term animatronic is generally used to describe an inanimate model of a human or animal being brought to life by a series of cables or motor which make it move. One of the first instances of an animatronic puppet being used was in the classic film, Mary Poppins, in 1964 which had an animatronic bird. Animatronic puppets can be controlled by humans or computers and are especially popular in television and film, as well as being a common feature at many theme parks such as Disneyland.

Did You Know? – One of the largest animatronics ever built was the tyrannosaurus rex in the iconic film Jurassic Park.

Hire Animatronic Puppets from our Books
Sure to amaze and astound, if you hire animatronic puppets you are sure to have an unforgettable event. These fantastic, larger than life puppets provide engaging and fun entertainment that kids will love! If you are looking to hire animatronic puppets for your event our roster includes a whole range of acts that will delight. Whether it’s a mystical themed event in need of a mythical beast to add a touch of magic to the occasion, or a Halloween event in need of a giant animatronic spider that is sure to spook the guests, we have an eccentric mix of excellent animatronic puppets to hire. Here are just a few of the amazing animatronic puppets to hire on our roster:

  • Hire animatronic puppet Ocho the Octopus – Perfect for an atmospheric underwater themed event this giant inflatable octopus with movable tentacles can light up the occasion with its brilliant LED lighting. It is sure to be a big hit at any occasion.
  • Hire animatronic puppets Christmas Walkabout Penguins – These endearing penguins are always a popular addition to all kinds of events, both educational and fun they will interact with your guests in a friendly manner and draw in the crowds.
  • Hire animatronic puppets The Ostrich Jockeys – Cheeky and highly entertaining this hilarious pair of ostrich jockeys are a quirky and unique form of entertainment, even having graced the stage with Scissor Sisters! They are bound to be popular with all audiences of all ages.

Hire Animatronic Puppets
If you would like to hire animatronic puppets look no further! As a top entertainment booking agency we have some of the best animatronic puppets in the business, with a fabulous roster of unique and beautifully made characters and animals designed to thrill and entertain the audiences. Our friendly and experienced account managers are the other end of the line, just give us a call if you want to enquire about hiring animatronic puppets and they can assist you with any questions you may have. We would be delighted to help you create an event to be proud of, get in touch to hire animatronic puppets for an occasion to remember.

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