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Hire / Book Henna & Mehndi Artists

Check out our roster of creative Henna Artists & Mehndi Artists available to hire for party, PR entertainment or for longer events such as festivals.

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Check out one of our talented Henna Artist’s – Riffat

Hire / Book a Henna Artist or Mehndi Artist

We offer all types of Henna artists and Mehndi artists for hire, in the UK and internationally. What is the difference between a Henna Artist & Mehndi Artist? Mehndi and Henna are synonymous terms as each word originated from a different language. “Mehndi” is the Indian word for “henna,” (Henna is a dye prepared from the the henna tree) while “henna” is the Arabic word for “mehndi.”

You can hire Henna artists and Mehndi artists as evening entertainment or for longer events such as festivals. We have so many fascinating henna art you will be spoilt for choice and our Henna & Mehndi artists are the best in the country. So if you want to book a henna artist you will not want to miss out. If it is for an Indian celebration we have some amazing Indian dancers too.

Contact us today if you would like to hire a Henna Artist or Mehndi Artist – we as your booking agent are more than happy to help you create the most memorable event.

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