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Hire Table Top Games

You can hire table top games to get everyone involved at your event! Our range of exciting table top games makes for endless entertainment with a competitive edge for all your guests to enjoy. To find out more about hiring table top games just get in touch…

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Hire Table Top Games

If you’re looking to make your event a dynamic and inclusive space, then hire table top games for all your guests to enjoy. Table top games are an excellent source of entertainment for all ages and abilities, giving people a chance to partake in some healthy competition and serving as the perfect ice breaker for any corporate function. You can hire table top games of all sorts from our roster, whether it’s practising your swing in ping pong, making your team proud in table football or working on your skill with air hockey. We can offer you an exciting range of table top games to hire for a memorable occasion.

What is a Table Top Game?
Table top games including everything from the ever-popular football tables to the arcade staple air hockey. Generally, they are games played on a table such as ping pong, with a simple setup and a variety of different styles and designs they always prove to be a big hit with guests who love an excuse for some competitive fun. The origin of table football date back to the 1890’s although there have been many variations, it is in the 1920’s that table football, or ‘foosball’ as we know it today, was created by Harold Searles Thornton due to the immense popularity of the sport at the time.

Did You Know? – In 1971 China invited England, Canada, the USA and Columbia to play some friendly games of Ping Pong. It was the first contact they had made with the rest of the world in over six years and was named by many as the Ping Pong Diplomacy.

Hire Table Top Games off our Books
If you would like to hire table top games, we have an extensive variety to choose from on our roster. A great way to get guests socialising and having a good time, table top games are a welcome addition to any corporate event, private party or even as a long-term installation at your venue. They are the perfect option for a family occasion as everyone can have a go, you can even create your own mini tournament to raise the stakes! Our table top games are each uniquely designed, offering their own aesthetic or style to make them stand out or fit with a theme. Here are a few of the table top games to hire on our books:

  • Hire table top games Exquisite Play – A sleek and stylish collection of luxury gaming tables, they are sure to add some class and glamour to any event. With everything from pool to designer football tables you are truly spoilt for choice.
  • Hire table top games The Great Games Group – With a high-quality selection of table top games including ping pong, foosball and air hockey your event is sure to be one to remember.
  • Hire Football Tables – Face off against friends and family with these football tables that also offer the chance to personalise with branding so you can provide promotion and entertainment all in one.

Hire Table Top Games
Hire table top games to add some extra dimension and excitement to your event. Simple but effective, table top games are a magnet for all guests giving them a chance to indulge in their competitive side at their leisure. As a leading entertainment booking agency we know the importance of good entertainment at your event and can recommend the best table top games to hire to suit the occasion. If you want to hire table top games just give us a call. Our dedicated and knowledgeable account managers would be delighted to help you book table top games to make your event a true success.

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