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Hire / Book Flash Mobs

Prepare for the unexpected at your event and hire flash mobs to provide some sensational entertainment. The flash mobs on our roster are experienced teams who know how to put together the perfect surprise performance at any event. To learn more about hiring flash mobs just contact us…

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The Flash Mob Team at Manchester Airport!

Hire / Book Flash Mobs

Astonish, amaze and inspire your guests; for an extra special event hire flash mobs! These impactful dancers will make your event one to remember with their brilliant surprise performances, flash mobs put a fantastic unexpected twist on any event. You can hire flash mobs for anything from a surprise party celebration or to make an exceptional advertisement for your brand, they are sure to draw in the crowds and astound your guests.

What is a Flash Mob?
You may have seen them on the news or first hand in your local shopping centre, a flash mob is a sudden assembling of a group of dancers or musicians, often in a public area, to make a statement of some kind. This can range from publicity stunt to advertise a company or even a brilliantly extravagant format for someone to stage a proposal. A flash mob is designed to grab the attention of many people with some positive, exciting entertainment and they very frequently go viral.

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