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Hire / Book Art & Craft Entertainment

We have a vibrant variety of different arts and crafts entertainment to hire for children’s parties, corporate events or family fun days. You can get creative with these wonderful workshops to keep you entertained for hours. Contact us to find out more about booking arts and crafts entertainment…

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Disused shop front window community art project!

Hire / Book Art & Craft Entertainment

Break out the brushes and paints, dig into your imagination and have some fun; hire arts and craft entertainment! This fantastic entertainment allows the kids to get creative and try out something new, whether it’s everyone pitching in to add some colour on a remarkable piece of wall art or getting their hands dirty with a pottery workshop. Hire arts and crafts entertainment to give your guests the experience of crafting something unique as it can be very rewarding and will keep the children amused for hours.

Arts and Craft Entertainment on Our Roster
Our fascinating collection of arts and craft entertainment includes all kinds of workshops and experiences where you can learn new skills and create something wonderful to take home at the end of the day. With an exciting mix of everything from sculptures to water marbling there are many exciting opportunities to choose from, here are a few examples of arts and craft entertainment you can hire with us:

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  • Ebru Art – A remarkable form of arts and craft entertainment, the technique used in this workshop is water marbling and the results are always impressive.
  • Costello – These fun workshops cover everything from mosaics to fashion, encouraging team work and creativity.
  • U.C – Try out art on an extra-large scale with this pavement art workshop, if you’ve ever stopped in awe at the amazing works of art done by street artists then this workshop allows you to try your hand making your own masterpiece.

The Benefits of Hiring Arts and Crafts Entertainment
If you are looking to hire arts and craft entertainment for your event, then we can provide the perfect selection that will get everyone stuck in. Although arts and craft entertainment is generally booked for children, the workshops on our roster are great for all kinds of ages. We have thought of a few more reasons why you should hire arts and crafts entertainment:

  • Learn – Hiring arts and craft entertainment can be very informative, with the attendees learning new techniques and skills that give them the opportunity to exercise their creativity.
  • Result – At the end of the workshop you will have the rewarding experience of seeing your finished piece and, if possible, taking it home.
  • Team Work – Arts and crafts entertainment is a great way of getting everyone involved and communicating more, if you’re looking for a team building experience this is perfect.

Hiring Arts and Crafts Entertainment
We work with a wide variety of different art and craft entertainment to hire for children’s parties, and our art and craft workshops are also a great form of corporate entertainment – whether they’re entertaining the kids or the adults! As a top entertainment booking agency we can recommend the best arts and crafts entertainment to hire for your event, our friendly account managers will help you out with your booking and ensure it goes off without a hitch. Just get in touch to hire arts and craft entertain for a truly outstanding event.


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