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Hire / Book Drink Services & Mobile Bars

You can hire drink entertainment for a wonderfully delicious and dynamic event full of merriment and fun. From mobile bars to drink tricycles, we have plenty of drink services to choose from. To find out more about hiring drinks entertainment just get in touch…

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Hire / Book Drink Services & Entertainment

For an event to remember you can hire drinks entertainment to add a special twist to serving your beverages. If you hire drinks services we have a dynamic roster of fantastic and fabulous entertainment to choose from, whether it’s a mobile bar to set up shop and draw in the crowds at your venue or a futuristic robotic cocktail bar to amaze them with some stylish technology we have an exciting variety of excellent drinks entertainment to hire. Delight your guests and hire drinks services to give them a taste of something special with some added flair to go with it.

What is Drinks Entertainment?
Drinks Entertainment can come in many shapes and sizes, whether it’s a mobile bar or simply one flair bartender who can jazz up his creations with a gripping juggling or fire act. If you hire drinks entertainment you will have something extra than a standard bar, this will stand out and incorporate some excitement with the action of serving drinks.

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What is a Flair Bartender / Flair Bartending
Flair bartending is the art and skill of entertaining your clientele, guests or audience with the juggling and usage of bar tools such as, bottles, shakers, glasses. Picture Tom Cruising bottle-juggling in the film “Cocktail” and you get an idea of Flair bartending!

Did You Know? – The action of ‘toasting’ to something originated with the Ancient Romans who used to drop a piece of toast into their wine for good health.

Hire Drinks Entertainment from our Roster
If you are looking to hire drinks entertainment with an edge, then we have a brilliant roster full of accomplished professionals and unique attractions that will be a hit with your guests. Whether it’s finding an expert bartender to make your favourite tipple perfectly or a mobile bar that will bring that festival vibe to any occasion, we have amazing drinks entertainment that you are sure to love. Our extensive mix of drinks services means that there is something for everyone, from aerial champagne acts to coffee and tea vans, whatever the theme or location we will find you something to suit it. Here are just a few of the types of drinks entertainment to hire from our books:

  • Hire Drinks Entertainment the Bubble Volcano – This fantastic feature looks straight out of Willy Wonka as it conjures up flavoured bubbles that you can eat right out of the air. Guaranteed to be lots of fun this will go down a storm with people of all ages.
  • Hire Drinks Entertainment The Birdcage Cocktail Bar – Fusing live performances with colourful costumes and delicious cocktails, this bar is sure to be a big attraction at your event as crowds will flock to get a taste of what they offer.
  • Hire Drinks Entertainment Aerial Champagne Waitress – These incredible aerial bartenders can serve drinks from the sky, pouring your drinks with skill upside down straight into your glass.

Hire Drink Entertainment
If you want to hire drinks services, we have a comprehensive roster of acts that are sure to impress. As well as some tasty beverages you will be treated to some vibrant acts and attractions that will make your event one to remember. We are a leading entertainment booking agency with the knowledge and connections to help you pick the perfect drinks entertainment to hire to give your guests a drink experience like no other. To learn more about the possibilities of drinks entertainment all you need to do is give us a call, our friendly and attentive account managers are at hand to help you with any enquiries.


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