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Hire / Book Temporary, Transfer & Glitter Tattoo Artists

You can hire temporary, transfer and glitter tattoo artists from our dynamic roster who will put the glitter and glamour into your event. These sensational temporary tattoo artists will be a hit with your guests. For more about hiring temporary, transfer and glitter tattoo artists get in touch…

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Hire / Book a Tattoo Artist: Temporary, Transfer & Glitter Tattoos

If you are looking to put some sparkle and creativity into your event then hire temporary, transfer and glitter tattoo artists. If you hire tattoo artists or hire glitter artists, you are sure to have a memorable event as guests can indulge in adding some temporary décor to their look for the occasion. Whether you’re looking to hire temporary tattoo artists for a children’s events where they can choose their favourite design or hire glitter artists to add some dazzle at a festival, we have a brilliant range of artists who will love to bring some creative fun to the occasion.

What is a Temporary Tattoo Artist?
Temporary tattoo artists provide an alternative to a permanent tattoo. Whether an individual wants to get a design for a particular occasion or have something nice to decorate their skin for a short while without the commitment of a real tattoo, temporary tattoo artists use materials that can be washed off after a short while. A temporary tattoo artist can use a multitude of styles such as airbrushing, transfer tattoos or soluble inks, they all can achieve the look of a real tattoo but without the pain or pressure.

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