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Hire / Book Temporary, Transfer & Glitter Tattoo Artists

You can hire temporary, transfer and glitter tattoo artists from our dynamic roster who will put the glitter and glamour into your event. These sensational temporary tattoo artists will be a hit with your guests. For more about hiring temporary, transfer and glitter tattoo artists get in touch…

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Hire / Book a Tattoo Artist: Temporary, Transfer & Glitter Tattoos

If you are looking to put some sparkle and creativity into your event then hire temporary, transfer and glitter tattoo artists. If you hire tattoo artists or hire glitter artists, you are sure to have a memorable event as guests can indulge in adding some temporary décor to their look for the occasion. Whether you’re looking to hire temporary tattoo artists for a children’s events where they can choose their favourite design or hire glitter artists to add some dazzle at a festival, we have a brilliant range of artists who will love to bring some creative fun to the occasion.

What is a Temporary Tattoo Artist?
Temporary tattoo artists provide an alternative to a permanent tattoo. Whether an individual wants to get a design for a particular occasion or have something nice to decorate their skin for a short while without the commitment of a real tattoo, temporary tattoo artists use materials that can be washed off after a short while. A temporary tattoo artist can use a multitude of styles such as airbrushing, transfer tattoos or soluble inks, they all can achieve the look of a real tattoo but without the pain or pressure.

Did You Know? – In 1999, Mattel created a Butterfly Art Barbie which had a butterfly tattoo on her stomach and several temporary transfer tattoos for the consumer but had to withdraw it from the shelves after receiving a wave of complaints from parents.

What is a Glitter Artist?
The popularity of glitter artists have soared over recent years, especially on the festival circuit where people of all ages and genders love to add some sparkle to their skin to get in the celebratory spirit. Glitter artists can apply glitter to your face in a multitude of designs and colours for a truly eye-catching and striking look.

Hire Temporary Tattoo Artists
If you want to give your guests a chance to look extra special with some creative designs on their skin then hire temporary tattoo artists. We have a vibrant roster full of talented artists with a variation of styles that can look amazing when applied. Whether you’re after some colourful patterns to fit in with the aesthetic of your event or are after some gritty prison tattoos for a themed function we have a fantastic selection of temporary tattoo artists to choose from. Here are just a few of the temporary tattoo artists to hire from our roster:

  • Hire temporary tattoo artist Natalie – With experience creating tattoos for films, Natalie will wow your guests with her skill and exciting designs that everyone will want.
  • Hire temporary tattoo artist Karla – Specialising in airbrush tattoos, Karla creates exciting and bold designs that always look amazing and work well as a talking point at a range of events.
  • Hire temporary tattoo artist Val – With experience as a temporary tattoo artist at Edinburgh Zoo, Val has honed her skill and always provides some brilliant tattoos using premium materials and precise skill.

Hire Glitter Artists
For some popular and dazzling entertainment you can hire glitter artists to attend your event with their plethora of sparkle and charismatic personalities that will draw in the crowd. There is sure to be a queue when it comes to glitter artists as they provide some beautiful designs that everyone will want decorating their skin. If you are looking to hire glitter artists we have some leading professionals who are passionate about what they do, with the finest array of glitter at hand for some spellbinding creations. Here are some of the glitter artists to hire from our roster:

  • Hire glitter artist Emma – With experience working at top festivals and a keen eye for creating remarkable glitter art, Emma is sure to go down a storm with your guests and bring some extra glitz to the proceedings.
  • Hire glitter artists Glitter Shack – This team of experienced make-up artists and body painters are guaranteed to give everyone a brilliant glitter make over. With enthusiasm and charisma, they are always drawing in the crowds.
  • Hire glitter artists Candy Queens – This glitter station is equipped with sparkles, jewels and more to provide a sensational service that will transform guests into bedazzled beauties ready to enjoy the party.

Hire Temporary Tattoo Artists and Hire Glitter Artists
You can hire temporary tattoo artists or hire glitter artists to give your guests a fabulous experience adding some extra glitz or edge to their look. As a top entertainment booking agency we know the demand for unique and exciting entertainment that can be enjoyed by all sorts of people, if you hire glitter artists or temporary tattoo artists you are sure to accomplish this. Our friendly and knowledgeable account managers love to help with ideas and recommendations so just get in touch. We would be delighted to advise you on the best acts suited to your event so you can hire some exceptional temporary tattoo or glitter artists for a spectacular occasion.

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