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Hire / Book Silhouette Artists

If you hire our silhouette artists they will create an excellent intricate portrait as a great memento of the event. A silhouette artist’s amazing skills are a hit at all kinds of occasions, from weddings to corporate events. Contact us to find out more about hiring a silhouette artist…

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Silhouette Artist Alison’s showreel

Hire / Book Silhouette Artists

Hire Silhouette artists if you’re looking for unique and personalised artwork that can capture your guests or event in a special way and which the guests can keep as a memento of the event. Silhouette artists can transform a piece of paper into a bespoke piece of silhouette art which works great as a memento or as décor for an event such as a wedding. As a booking agency for silhouette artists we are connected with some of the leading silhouette artists in the business who have great expertise and can be relied upon to deliver some outstanding work for your event.

Silhouette Artists on our Books
If you hire silhouette artists they can create their work with just the help of scissors and paper, then, in just a few minutes, will have your silhouette ready. With fantastic attention to detail and observational skills these silhouette artists depict their subject so well you can see the likeness from even just the smallest aspect. Some superb silhouette artists on our books include:

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  • Silhouette Artist Mark – A precise and traditional silhouette artist, Mark create exceptionally detailed profile portraits of your guests and has even worked for the Duchess of Northumberland and The Hairy Bikers.
  • Silhouette Artist Sarah – She is an internationally renowned silhouette artist, perfect at providing excellent art for all kinds of occasions. Sarah has even worked at Princess Beatrix’s 18th birthday party and for Hollywood star Demi Moore.
  • Silhouette Artist Alison – Inheriting her passion from a long line of silhouette artists, Alison’s style has a traditional authenticity and she is an approachable and charismatic presence at all kinds of events.

Origins of Silhouette Art
As you may have guessed from its old-fashioned style, silhouette art dates back very far, with roots in Greek and Egyptian culture. However, the form we recognise present day seems to have been put into practice around the 18th century where silhouette artists would be requested to do portraits of nobility and other people in power. It is still popular nowadays with many people enjoying the nostalgic aspect of it.

Popular Events to Book a Silhouette Artist For
You can book silhouette artists for a multitude of different events, with the unique and attractive style being a welcome addition to the proceedings. These are a few of the top events that silhouette artists can be hired for:

  • Wedding – A silhouette artist is a common booking for the big day, they can create a fantastically quaint souvenir to remember the special occasion.
  • Corporate Events – silhouette art is a great interactive addition that is great as an ice breaker and will keep the attendees entertained and in good spirits.
  • Trade Shows & Exhibitions – a silhouette artist is a brilliant option to add a creative element to the event and encourage people to mingle.

Booking a Silhouette Artist
We have a diverse range of silhouette artists on our books, each with their own individual style and approach that makes them stand out. As a top entertainment booking agency for a wealth of artistic entertainment, you can hire silhouette artists through Contraband Events. Our account managers will dedicate their time to finding you some fantastic deals and recommend the silhouette artist best suited to your requirements. Just give us a call and we will be delighted to discuss a silhouette artist booking with you!


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