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Paparazzi Photographers

Hire / Book Spoof Paparazzi Photographers

Fantastic for every occasion and gives your guests something to remember – hire spoof paparazzi photographers for your event!

Meet and greet your guests with the amiable & professional American paparazzi characters. These roving reporters with their American accents and flash photography, complete with notepads, Dictaphones & a host of cameras will interact with your guests and give your guests the superstar treatment.

C. I. Paparazzi photographers can snap your guests as they enter your event in true celebrity style. The photographers shoot professional images which are then loaded onto a website to be accessed by guests.

Digital Paparazzi will capture guests arriving and antics thereafter, supplying images on CD or placing them upon a temporary website for downloading. They can also photograph guests being greeted by lookalikes such as Marylin Monroe or Bond.

Additional options include: red carpet, barriers, digital linked pictures to television screens inside the venue where guests inside can watch many baffled faces of the arriving parties.

Contact us today about hiring spoof paparazzi photographers for your special occasion.