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Hire / Book Spoof Paparazzi Photographers

Make your guests feel like A-list stars and hire paparazzi photographers for your event. We have a variety of paparazzi photographers who can bring tons of fun and humour to the occasion. Get in touch to find out more about hiring paparazzi photographers…

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Hire / Book Spoof Paparazzi Photographers

You can give your events some celebrity status if you hire spoof paparazzi photographers, they will snap some shots as people enter the venue, conjuring up a glamorous atmosphere that everyone will love. Paparazzi photographers know how to capture some brilliant candid photos, with a touch of humour and enthusiasm to get the event in full swing. You can hire spoof paparazzi photographers for all sorts of occasions; from giving an Oscars themed event some authenticity to making the person of honour feel special at their birthday, paparazzi photographers will be a big hit at all types of functions.

What are Spoof Paparazzi Photographers?
These photographers replicate the actions of real-life paparazzi but entirely for your enjoyment or theme of your event. Often adopting a certain style such as goofy short -sighted photographers or traditional paparazzi in duffel coats and bowler hats to give a vintage slant, paparazzi photographers can take shots of guests or as they arrive, capturing a more natural side as well as documenting the occasion with some brilliant photos.

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Did You Know? – The term ‘paparazzi’ comes from a character in the 1960 film La Dolce Vita, called Paparazzo, the director named the character after the sound of an annoying noise like that of a buzzing mosquito.

Hire Spoof Paparazzi Photographers from our Books
If you would like to spoof paparazzi photographers you are sure to have an unforgettable event, these hilarious and charismatic characters not only keep your guests entertained but take some fantastic shots. Perfect for grand event in need of some red-carpet entertainment, their infectious energy and antics are sure to get your guests in a great mood as soon as they step through the doors. You can hire spoof paparazzi photographers for many different kinds of events, from corporate parties to family functions, they are sure to add some flash and fun to the occasion. Here are just a few of the spoof paparazzi photographers to hire from our roster:

  • Hire paparazzi photographers The Snap Happy Paparazzi – Eager to take some snaps of celebrities but pretty short-sighted, these hilarious spoof paparazzi often get your guests mixed up with major celebrities, causing much amusement and making for some great photos.
  • Hire paparazzi photographers C.I. Paparazzi – Taking some excellent professional shots, these photographers can dress up to suit your event whether it’s vintage style or more modern attire, the will be sure to capture the excitement of the red carpet.
  • Hire paparazzi photographers Roving Reporters – For an extra special event you can up the ante even more with roving reporters who will interview your guests with cameraman in tow to film the whole thing!

Hire Spoof Paparazzi Photographers
You can hire spoof paparazzi photographers to entertain your guests and snap some fantastic mementos of the occasion. If you’re looking to get some good photos but want some brilliant entertainment also, then fuse the two together and hire spoof paparazzi photographers. As a top entertainment booking agency, we have an extensive roster of talented paparazzi photographers who will go down a storm at your event. If you have any enquiries about hiring spoof paparazzi photographers just get in touch, our friendly and knowledgeable account managers will be delighted to recommend the perfect act for a one of a kind event.


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