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Hire / Book Magic & Mind Reading Shows

Our roster of mystical magic and mind reading shows to hire promises a variety of unique and exciting performances that will wow your guests. With a fascinating range of different magic act acts to offer, your event is sure to be a hit. Contact us for more information about hiring a magic or mind reading show…

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Magic Circle Magician Matthew

Hire / Book a Magic or Mind Reading Show

For a magical event full of spectacle and wonder, hire a magic or mind reading show. With sparkling costumes and plenty of glitz and pizazz these mesmerising shows will keep your guests transfixed on the stage. These immersive shows are the whole package, if you hire a magic or mind reading show you are sure to pull off an unforgettable event. Check out our walkabout magicians and mind readers.

Mind Reading and Magic Shows on our Books
These expert and innovative magic and mind reading shows are truly spellbinding, each with their own unique style you can pick from a fascinating collection of magic shows that are sure to impress your guests. Here are just a few of the brilliant mind reading and magic shows you can hire from our roster:

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  • Sonia – A magician and dancer, Sonia will enchant you with her moves and promise a modern magic show to remember.
  • The Mind Lab – This interactive show will delve into your mind, entertaining your guests with his telekinetic prowess.
  • Jamie – Being pegged as the modern-day Harry Houdini, Jamie fuses technology and magic to put on an incredible immersive show.

The Difference Between a Magic Show and a Mind Reading Show
There is occasionally some confusion as to what sets magic shows and mind reading shows apart. We want to help you distinguish between the two, so you can determine which one is right for your event. Basically, a magic show focuses on tricks, sleight of hand and props whereas a mind reader uses psychology, reading body language and profiling personality in an effort to wow the crowds.

Why Hire a Magic Show?
A magic show is chock full of amazing tricks and stunts to wow the crowds, whether it is captivating card trick or an impressive iPad illusion these astounding performances always win over the crowds. Many magic shows to hire also include a great interactive element to encourage audience participation and keep everyone thoroughly entertained.

Why Book a Mind Reading Show?
Mind readers combine psychological and mental wizardry with sharp, witty banter that relaxes, engages and entertains the socks off guests the world over. Our Mind Reading Shows include amazing memory shows and card trick shows.

Booking a Mind Reading or Magic Show
If you’re looking to astonish your guests with the highest calibre of magic shows and mind reader shows to hire, you can get in touch today! We are a top entertainment booking agency with the resources and knowledge to provide you with a fantastic performer for your event. Our dedicated account managers will work with you to ensure you put on the event of your dreams, helping you to book a magic or mind reading show which is sure to blow everyone away.

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