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Hire / Book Cheerleaders

Get a healthy dose of enthusiasm and happiness at your event and hire cheerleaders to thrill the crowds. The fun-loving cheerleaders on our books will make for unforgettable entertainment with their brilliant routines. For more information about hiring cheerleaders just get in touch…

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The Zoo Cheerleaders’ Showreel

Hire / Book Cheerleaders

Put some pep in everybody’s step and hire cheerleaders to excite the crowds at your event. The cheerleaders to hire are accomplished, exuberant performers who promise an astounding performance that everyone will love. Whether you’re after an energetic introduction to an awards ceremony or some extra special entertainment to get the party started, if you hire cheerleaders they will certainly make a brilliant impression on your guests.

What is a Cheerleader?
Cheerleaders are a team of people who encourage and cheer for their team, helping to motivate them and inspiring good performance. Cheerleaders also participate in competitions, putting on energetic routines with elements of acrobatics, dance and tumbling. Through time the popularity of cheerleading has increased due in part to their prestigious ESPN competition being broadcast and the release of cheerleading film ‘Bring It On’.

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