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Hire / Book Cheerleaders

Get a healthy dose of enthusiasm and happiness at your event and hire cheerleaders to thrill the crowds. The fun-loving cheerleaders on our books will make for unforgettable entertainment with their brilliant routines. For more information about hiring cheerleaders just get in touch…

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The Zoo Cheerleaders’ Showreel

Hire / Book Cheerleaders

Put some pep in everybody’s step and hire cheerleaders to excite the crowds at your event. The cheerleaders to hire are accomplished, exuberant performers who promise an astounding performance that everyone will love. Whether you’re after an energetic introduction to an awards ceremony or some extra special entertainment to get the party started, if you hire cheerleaders they will certainly make a brilliant impression on your guests.

What is a Cheerleader?
Cheerleaders are a team of people who encourage and cheer for their team, helping to motivate them and inspiring good performance. Cheerleaders also participate in competitions, putting on energetic routines with elements of acrobatics, dance and tumbling. Through time the popularity of cheerleading has increased due in part to their prestigious ESPN competition being broadcast and the release of cheerleading film ‘Bring It On’.

Did You Know? – Cheerleading has been around for over 100 years and was initially only performed by men.

The Difference Between Cheerleading and Gymnastics
These two popular sports sometimes get mixed up because they share certain aspects but there are actually many more distinguishing factors that set them apart. For example, cheerleading is much more vocal and expressive whereas gymnasts focus more on control and tend to be more straight-faced because they are not required to smile like cheerleaders. Additionally, the music is much more prominent and upbeat in cheerleading, but gymnastics tends to be softer and quieter. Lastly cheerleaders aim to excite and cheer people on whereas in contrast gymnastics is more a celebration of their own athleticism.

Hire Cheerleaders on our Books
We have a fantastic range of cheerleaders to hire on our roster who will put on a brilliantly lively show for you and your guests, bringing their own unique mix of athletic talent and positive energy to ensure a memorable event. Cheerleaders are a perfect form of entertainment to hire to get everyone in good spirits with their engaging routines and acrobatic feats. Here are some of the cheerleaders to hire on our books:

  • Crystal Cheerleaders – With a wealth of fans and extensive experience, these cheerleaders are sure to amaze your guests. As one of the first performing NFL-style cheerleaders in the UK they are one of the leading groups that can offer either bespoke performances or put on one of their pre-rehearsed shows.
  • Zoo Cheerleaders – After being crowned Dance Grand National Champions in 2014, this accomplished team of cheerleaders have gone from strength to strength, working on prominent television shows such as Sports Relief and A League of their Own as well as prestigious brands like T-Mobile and Ben & Jerrys.

Hire Cheerleaders
For a truly outstanding event just get in touch to hire cheerleaders with us. As a top entertainment booking agency with a comprehensive range of connections, we can find you some remarkable cheerleaders to perform at your special occasion. Our knowledgeable account managers will help you book cheerleaders that are suited to your event and help you every step of the way. If you would like to hire cheerleaders or make an enquiry give us a call and we can get you started on booking the best cheerleaders for an unforgettable event.

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