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Hire / Book Cabaret Shows

Hire a cabaret show for a touch of class, a pinch of dazzle and some ravishingly riveting entertainment! We have a variety of captivating cabaret shows and performers on our roster to entertain the crowds at all kinds of events with their dynamic performances. Just get in touch to hire a cabaret show!

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Illusion & Variety Cabaret show by Norvinis (featured in Hackett’s Commercial)

Hire / Book Cabaret Shows

To add a dose of glitz and glamour, spice up your event or have your guests in stitches, hire cabaret shows. The eclectic cabaret performers can bring a fantastic energy and showmanship that will keep everyone entertained all night long, creating an upbeat and electric atmosphere at your venue. With a diverse range of cabaret performers to hire you can have your pick of the best in the business, we have cabaret shows to book covering everything from comedy to vintage musicals. Hire cabaret shows to ensure your event will be an absolute hit.

Captivating Cabaret Shows on our Books
Our dynamic roster of brilliant cabaret shows is bound to impress, with acts all over the globe who know how to put on a show to remember, you can be sure that you find the cabaret performer that will go down a storm. If you hire cabaret shows as entertainment the vibrant, interactive and fantastically fun nature of these acts will ensure your guests will have a great time. Here are a few of the fabulous cabaret shows to hire with us:

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  • Sink the Pink Cabaret Show– An immensely fun and popular drag show that always rocks the party and gives people an unforgettable experience.
  • Des O’Connor Cabaret Shows – A cabaret comedian and event host, Des O’Connor knows how to entertain the crowds, his original and vast experience on the stage means he is sure to be a popular addition to any event.
  • The Gatsby Show – This vivacious vintage cabaret show immerses you in the glamour and style of the 1920’s, combining dance and song to put on the perfect performance to get your guests in good spirits.

The History of Cabaret
Cabaret was first introduced to the stage in the 16th century in Paris, although it started as a kind of café where artists and writers would meet to compose songs and sing them to the room, it quickly became an increasingly popular form of entertainment. The first official cabaret show was Le Chat Noir in 1881 which included everything from singing and dancing to political satire and social commentary. The infamous Moulin Rouge opened in 1889 and was responsible for launching the careers of singers such Edith Piaf. The cabaret show continued to spread over the globe with many countries pioneering their own styles.

Hire a Cabaret Show!
We have a great selection of incredible cabaret shows to hire. Our marvellous mix of cabaret shows on our books means there is something for everyone, our amicable and experienced account managers will help you put on an extra special event with a unique and wonderful cabaret show as a highlight. Just give us a call if you wish to hire cabaret shows!


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