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Burlesque Dancer – Various Themed Acts

A born entertainer and maven of all things glamorous, burlesque dancer – Didi exhilarates and enthralls every audience that is charmed enough to meet her. Since Didi exploded onto the London Burlesque scene in 2015 she has created acts in a variety of genres and moods. From her seductive Fan Dances to her deliciously authentic New Orleans 20’s Bump and Grind she has grown into quite the creative chameleon. Didi’s iconic Madonna tribute would have you fooled into thinking you had booked Madge herself!

A professionally trained dancer, Didi’s exquisite acts are polished to perfection; executed to the highest of standards every time. From the raise of an eyebrow to a sky-high kick, every move exudes class and sass.

Didi won the Crown of Burlesque Idol in just her first year on the scene and has continued growing ever since. She has been sashaying across stages in the UK and Europe, including Belgium, Switzerland and Estonia. She is resident in many of the capital’s top Burlesque spots and regularly makes guest appearances with the Gin House Burlesque. Didi has become a firm favourite of the cabaret community, both on and offstage, finding a home in the hearts of producers and burlesque connoisseurs alike.

Acts Include:

Diamonds – Marilyn Monroe Inspired
This one is for the girls! In a world of cheap imitation, Didi is a master in the art of homage. So much more than a mere lookalike, she perfectly distils the essence of what makes these performers iconic, with jaw-dropping results. Dripping in diamonds and fur, she channels the original blonde bombshell herself. The devil is truly in the detail here, clad in an astonishing replica of one of her iconic costumes, she elegantly glides about the stage with all the original cheek of Marilyn. Didi dares to take it a step further than even Marilyn did, ending the act wearing a sprinkle of sparkles and a Chanel No5, of course!

Vogue – Madonna & Voguing Tribute
In an effortless ode to the original Queen of Pop, you couldn’t hope to find a more stylish burlesque tribute than Didi’s Madonna. This is the perfect burlesque act for any show, regardless of era, like Madonna; Didi has combined the glamour of Hollywood, the spirit of 90s NY disco voguing and the power of 90s pop all through the lens of contemporary burlesque. As the music climaxes, Didi strips away layers of the most remarkable bespoke costume, honouring the original choreography, whilst finding new inspiration to leave your heart pounding. Perfect for the burlesque aficionado or those falling in love for the first time, this voguing act will transport you back through time as Didi’s extraordinary likeness to Madonna leaves you breathless.

Party Girl – Cyd Charisse 50’s Tribute
An opulent homage to the film noir legends of the 1950s & 60s; Didi channels the inimitable Cyd Charisse, an enigmatic showgirl, caught amongst gangsters and tough guys. Swept up in acres of bright pink silk, and with a leg line to die for, Didi shows us what she’s really made of. Appearing as a statuesque MGM beauty brought to life, she really gets the party started though agile and brazen choreography designed to make you blush the colour of her outfit!

This act is a film buff’s dream. Playful, alluring and precise; as Didi casts elements of her outfit aside with gay abandon, Didi will have you into throwing your caution straight to the wind. You’ll beam along with her as she brings back to life the later days of golden age Hollywood. This act is, although burlesque inspired, a non-strip act, so could be perfect at any event.

Part woman, part magical creature; Didi, swathed in hues of red and gold, entices us into a mystical realm. Inspired by the sights and sounds of New Orleans, she bumps and grinds us all the way back to the 1920/30s. With pulsing music and sultry moves, Didi hypnotises her audience. Her oversized demonic headdress lends itself to the animalistic nature of both the artist and the act. Didi, whilst known predominantly as an elegant showgirl, proves that she can turn her (always manicured) hand to any style of dance, with flair and panache. She prowls the stage, her hips accentuating every pound of the drum, leaving onlookers bewitched in her wake.

Pursuit Of The Plume
In a deft act of pure decadence, Didi floats ethereally into the room on a wave of soft jazz. In the flutter of an eyelash we are ravished away to another era. Every inch, the vintage darling, she is clad in delicate sparkles and enveloped by enormous Ostrich fans, revealing everything and almost nothing at once. This incredible Burlesque Dancer guides us through a sensual exploration of the female form whilst remaining the picture of glamour and sophistication. This act is beautifully simple and spellbinding, perfect for corporate engagements, and shows that require a subtle touch.

Bring On The Men
Prepare to be seduced! A darker side of Didi reveals herself through the ultimate vaudevillian striptease. Didi; a professionally trained Musical Theatre performer, is right at home centre stage, commanding every eye in the room. Her alabaster skin contrasts beautifully with a classic black bejeweled outfit, using a luxurious black boa, Didi draws your gaze exactly where she wants it at every turn. As the femme fatale, she teases the audience, powerfully firing her adorned corset into the crowd as she whips herself (and the crowd) into a frenzy. Making the most of one of the greatest Musical Theatre songs ever written, every accent and beat of the music is complemented by Didi’s effortless theatrical flair. This is a barn-stormer of an act, guaranteed to engage even the most stoic of audiences.

A striking love letter to the much overlooked high-fashion of the 1990s. Didi storms the stage in true ‘It Girl’ style; her one of a kind sapphire blue costume will sweep the audience off their feet in a truly unique act of high-end show-woman ship. ‘Fashion’ is for those that tire of the gentle-showgirl striptease and yearn for something edgier and more dangerous. The heart-stopping choreography will leave you aching to strut the catwalk with her. Slick imagery and ingenious quick reveals immediately evoke the statuesque beauties of the fashion powerhouses of the late 80s and early 90s. As Didi steadily gazes out from under an over-sized Mughler inspired hat, the only thing sharper than her moves, are her cheekbones!

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Didi is a Crown of Burlesque Idol winner

Starred in top Burlesque shows across the UK & Europe

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