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Hire / Book Children’s Entertainers

We have an eclectic roster of excellent children’s entertainers who can bring some joy to any event, big or small. With everything from charismatic storytellers to colourful characters these children’s entertainers are sure to go down a storm. Find out more about hiring a children’s entertainer…

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Children’s Entertainer Lucy

Hire / Book Children’s Entertainers

To bring some extra excitement and joy to your children’s event, hire a children’s entertainer! These energetic and fun-loving performers will thrill the kids with their dramatic storytelling or plethora of weird and wonderful characters. A great choice for all kinds of events, whether it’s a more intimate children’s party with family and friends or a wonderfully extravagant family fun day, these children’s entertainers can be hired to engage and amuse the kids for hours with their interactive performances.

Children’s Entertainers on Our Books
We have some of the best children’s entertainers to hire in the business, who promise to bring any event to life with their fantastic acts. These children’s entertainers deliver dynamic and lively performances that guarantee to draw in the crowds, whether it’s a brilliant bubble act or marvellous magic show, these entertainers know how to keep the children happy. Some of the children’s entertainers on our roster include:

  • The Puppet Theatre Dress – A fabulous show where the theatre is part of the dress, the performers will tell tales tailored specifically for your guests.
  • Dino The Dinosaur – The brilliantly designed Dino and Captain Jean Voyage is always a hit with the children, the vibrant costumes and charismatic characters providing some excellent entertainment.
  • Children’s Entertainer Eden – This storyteller will weave some wonderful tales which will have all the kids grasping on his every word, whether it’s revisiting history or a posing as a brand new character designed just for your event.

Benefits of a Children’s Entertainer
These captivating children’s entertainers to hire will be the star of the show, with performers such as clowns, storytellers, unique characters or jugglers you are sure to have an unforgettable event. The children’s entertainers on our roster are great at interacting with the kids and getting them enthused and involved in the activity. Here are a few more benefits of hiring a children’s entertainer:

  • Keep the Kids Amused – There is always the difficult task of keeping children’s interest, they tend to get bored if they are not kept busy. A children’s entertainer is dedicated solely to this task, so you can relax while they divert the kids with bright and interactive entertainment.
  • Fun for Everyone – A children’s entertainer is a perfect way to ensure no one is left out, keeping their collective focus on one thing can also be great at building relationships.
  • Make it Special – Whether it’s making your child feel special at their party or treating all the kids at a public event, a children’s entertainer is a great way to give them a unique and memorable experience that they will be talking about for weeks after.

Booking a Children’s Entertainer
Our diverse and popular collection of children’s entertainers to hire have great experience and love to perform for the kids. As a top entertainment booking agency, you can hire an amazing children’s entertainer with us, we have the knowledge and dedication to ensure you get the best performer to put a smile on the children’s faces. Just get in touch and we would be more than happy to help with your children’s entertainer booking.

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