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Hire / Book Living Human Statues

Hire living statues to surprise and intrigue guests at your event! The living statues on our roster not only look amazing but are a perfect talking point for your event. Give us a call to find out more about hiring living statues…

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Get a hug from The Hedge Men’s Human Tree Statues!

Hire / Book Living Human Statues

You can bring your event décor to life if you hire living statues to adorn the venue, they are not only visually stunning but also a popular point of interest for many guests. There are many advantages to hiring living statues, whether you want them to surprise the attendees or keep still in theatrical poses, they are great at drawing in crowds and getting conversation flowing. We have a fantastic range of human statues to hire, from royal figures to mermaids and even hedge men, you are truly spoilt for choice with our extensive roster of living statues.

What is a Living Statue?
A living statue is recognised as a street performer who dresses up or uses make-up and body paint to pose as a statue or even mannequin. They will stay as still as possible for hours, often fooling people into believing they are actual statues which is a great source of humour and fun for onlookers when they wink or surprise them.

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