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Hire / Book Living Human Statues

Living Statues never fail to entertain! Place our human statues for hire in an area that your guests will be sure to pass; everyone will be utterly startled as the statues come to life!

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Get a hug from The Hedge Men’s Human Tree Statues!

Hire / Book Living Human Statues

If you are having a event and would like to hire a Living Statue (human statue) check out our amazing roster! Contraband has amazing human statue acts that would be perfect for any type of event. Our fantastic Living Statues will bring the glamour to your event. Indeed so many to choose from: Carmen Miranda Living Statues, Venetian Living Statues, Cheeky Cupid human Statues… For Christmas check out our Ice Maiden & Snow Queen Human Statues. We also have a Living Archway a Human Statue Installation. What something more specific check out our Bespoke Living Human Statues. We have so many! Give us a call today to discuss booking a Living Statue.

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