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Hire Pinball Machines

You can hire pinball machines to make your event an absolute hit! Pinball machines are a perfect source of entertainment to get your guests socialising and having fun. Just get in touch to find out more about hiring pinball machines…

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Hire Pinball Machines

You can hire pinball machines to make your event a hive of activity and entertainment that all your guests will love. Our fantastic variety of pinball machines range from movie themed escapades to brilliantly designed homages to classic musicians or characters. A pinball machine is the perfect source of entertainment to feature at your event as people queue up to get a chance to conquer the game. If you are looking to hire pinball machines we can offer an excellent variety of top quality machines that will not only look great but provide hours of fun for all.

What are Pinball Machines?
An arcade game developed from the classic game bagatelle, pinball machines have evolved over time to the appearance we recognise today. The typical pinball machine has a spring designed to propel the ball into the main play field of the game where you can try and build up your points by landing in certain spots or hitting a particular obstacle. Often there will also be a story behind it where the player must accomplish certain tasks to complete the game.

Did You Know? – In 1942 pinball was illegal as many people considered it a gateway to gambling.

Hire Pinball Machines on our Books
If you would like to hire pinball machines you can choose from a fantastic array of exciting games on our roster. Pinball machines are a great way to get people talking and engaged, providing guests with an opportunity to break the ice as they compete against one another for the high score. This addictive game is also great if you’re looking to create a vintage aesthetic as they capture the essence of the theme with their vibrant design and nostalgic feel. It is easy to hire pinball machines and we have an exceptional variety to choose from, here are just a few off our books:

  • Hire Pinball Machine: Golden Eye – A perfect choice for any Bond fans, this 007 themed pinball machine captures all the traits made famous in the films.
  • Hire Pinball Machine: Monster Bash – This vibrant game embraces the monster theme in full, featuring everyone from Frankenstein to Dracula.
  • Hire Pinball Machine: Terminator 3 – Face off against the Terminator with this pinball game designed after the hit film.

Hire Pinball Machines
Hire pinball machines so your guests can test out their skills and see who can achieve the highest score, whether you’re looking to incite some healthy competition with a prize or have a particular theme in mind, hiring pinball machines gets everyone involved. As a top entertainment booking agent, we have an extensive roster of different styles of pinball machines, whether it’s after a film, a sport or a musician we can provide one to suit your event. To help you decide which pinball machine to hire for your event just get in touch and our attentive and friendly account managers will assist you with your choice.

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