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Hire Classical and Opera Singers

Hire classical singers or hire opera singers to captivate your guests with their breathtaking vocals. These classical and opera singers are compelling entertainers who will make an impact at any event. To find out more about hiring classical singers or hiring opera singers contact us…

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Tenori e Bassi are a sensational opera group consisting of four charming and incredibly talented male opera singers available to hire

Hire / Book Classical and Opera Singers

To ensure you have an event to remember you can hire opera singers or hire classical singers to put on an astonishing performance full of power and spectacle. The opera singers to hire on our books use their charisma and fascinating vocal abilities to fill any venue with some captivating songs, they are a great choice for any glamorous corporate event or to draw in the crowds for a promotional stunt. Our roster of classical singers to hire are also dynamic performers whose repertoire and engaging personalities make them a hit with any crowd. If you would like to hire classical singers or hire opera singers, we can give you any recommendations or advice you may need.

What is the Difference Between an Opera Singer and a Classical Singer?
Though opera singing can be considered a form of classical music it does have certain attributes and technicalities that set it apart. One of which is the amplification, an opera singer must project their voice in a large venue regularly without the use of a microphone or other technology. Whereas a classical singer needs less power, generally singing more subdued and softer songs. Additionally, a classical singer is a very general term, covering various types of traditional songs ranging back to the 17th century often accompanied by a pianist or orchestra. Opera singing is also generally a style of musical theatre where singers take on different roles to tell a story.

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