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Hire Simulators

Hire simulators for your event to give your guests an unforgettable experience – our exciting variety of simulators include flight, racing and motorbike simulators. Learn more about hiring simulators…

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Hire Simulators

If you’re looking to hire simulators we have an extensive selection on our roster that can give your guests a chance to live out their dreams. Whether it’s flying a plane or being sent into space these simulators can give everyone an experience to remember. You can hire simulators for a range of events from corporate functions to promotional parties or birthdays, this technology will have your guests eager to try it out and will be talking about the event for days after. We have an excellent array of simulators to hire so your event will make a fantastic impression on all the attendees.

What is a Simulator?
A simulator is a machine that creates an artificial representation of a particular situation or game. It allows you try out certain scenarios such as flying a plane or driving a motorbike, conjuring up the reality through a screen and controls. Often flight simulators are used to train pilots or there are also various other simulators for teaching train drivers.

Did You Know? – It is thought the first simulation game was created in 1947 and consisted of a missile being fired at a target with the user controlling the path and speed of the projectile using a variety of knobs.

Hire Simulators on our Books
You can hire simulators to transport your guests to an alternate reality or try their hand at something different such as flying a plane or driving a boat. The possibilities offered with simulators can make any event truly special. We have an excellent range of simulators spanning from flight simulators to golf simulators and even an Astrojet simulator where you can encounter all sorts of adventures such as soaring into space or travelling through time. If you would like to hire simulators we have an exciting collection that will make your event the talk of the season, here are just a few of the simulators on our books:

  • Hire Astrojet Simulator – This bold red simulator not only looks great at your event but also gives your guests the opportunity to try out a selection of different simulations whether it’s navigating the skies or experiencing the thrilling twists and drops of a rollercoaster.
  • Hire Helicopter Simulator – Climb into this modified helicopter shell and test your skills at flying the aircraft with realistic technology and systems.
  • Hire Golf Simulator – Practice your swing with this golf simulator that everyone can enjoy, whether its is polishing up your skills or trying it out for the first time this simulator guarantees engaging entertainment for a variety of events.

Hire Simulators
If you are looking to hire simulators you can have your pick of a dynamic roster of fantastic machines that will allow your guests to venture into new dimensions or live out rare experiences without even leaving the venue. We are a top entertainment booking agency with an extensive range of simulators to hire that will fulfill your expectations and make the occasion one to remember. Our experienced and friendly account managers can give you recommendations and help you to create a memorable event that all your guests will enjoy. Just get in touch and we would be delighted to assist with hiring a simulator to make your event out of this world.

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