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The ringmasters we have for hire are all unique, very talented and passionate about what they do. These circus leaders are great at running the show. Just give us a call and we will be delighted to discuss a ringmaster booking with you!

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Here we have Alan, who is a perfect circus ringleader

Hire / Book a Ringmaster

Hire a ringmaster if you’re looking for a true professional who can run the show! Exuding charm and charisma these brilliant entertainers can drum up excitement and create a fun atmosphere for all to enjoy. If you hire a ringmaster they can keep everything running smoothly while at the same time providing some extra laughs and entertainment. Whether you’re looking for a host to command the room at a grand event or a witty presence to introduce acts at a festival, a ringmaster is an excellent choice.

What is a Ringmaster?
We all recognise the term from the circus but what exactly does a ringmaster do? Well, a ringmaster is a multi-talented entertainer who, as well as announcing acts and running the show, may perform songs or tricks and interact with the audience to keep them on the edge of their seats throughout the event. Occasionally they are also referred to as Master of Ceremonies.

Did You Know? – The title of a ringmaster differs around the world, in France they call a ringmaster ‘Monsieur Loyal’ after a famous circus performer from history.

Ringmasters to Hire on our Books
Our selection of ringmasters to hire are some of the best in the business that can be relied upon to deliver a captivating show with energy and aplomb. They will impress and engage the audience with their vibrant costume and upbeat attitude, leading the proceedings with a confidence that is almost magnetic. Here are a few of the ringmasters to hire on our roster:

  • Ringmaster Micky – With over twenty years’ experience under his belt Micky has a multitude of skills including juggling, fire eating and unicycling, he is sure to get your guests in a great mood.
  • Ringmaster Alan – A master of multiple trades and experience performing on television, Alan’s warm and outgoing personality makes him a hit at every event.
  • Ringmaster Captain Calamity – This fantastic ringmaster comes with a whole troupe of circus performers to put on a wild and wonderful show to entertain the whole family.

Booking a Ringmaster
What better way to celebrate than hiring a ringmaster to get everyone in good spirits; these experienced entertainers are the best at making the crowds go wild. Any event would benefit from hiring a ringmaster to host and bring the whole occasion together for a well rounded and enjoyable result. Our account managers can recommend the top ringmasters to hire, drawing on their experience and knowledge from working at a top entertainment booking agency. If you would like to hire a ringmaster it is as easy as getting in touch and we will assist with any enquiries to ensure your event is sensational.

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