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Hire / Book Brass Bands

You can hire brass bands for a truly special event, these fantastic bands will make an excellent impression on your guests. Our brass bands are some of the best in the business with extensive experience. To find out more about hiring brass bands just give us a call…

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The Prime Street Band fuses New Orleans street band with some of the most popular chart hits from the 20th and 21st century

Hire / Book Brass Bands

If you want your event to be a triumphant affair, then hire brass bands to add some uplifting atmosphere to the evening. Brass bands are powerful and thrilling entertainment that can make any function one to remember. Whether you’re looking for some traditional music to create ambience at a corporate event or would like to hire brass bands to play in your guests at the start of the evening with a dramatic flair, our roster of brass bands includes a variety of musicians that can tailor their performance to fit your event.

What is a Brass Band?
A brass band is a group of musicians who play brass instruments, these may consist of trombones, horns, cornets and tubas. Brass bands are particularly prominent in New Orleans and are often employed for parades and jazz funerals. Brass bands are often credited with helping to develop jazz in its early years.

Did You Know? – Metal trumpets have been traced all the way back to Ancient Egypt, with bronze and silver trumpets found in graves.

What is the Difference Between Military Brass Bands and Marching Bands?
With the range of brass bands in the industry sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between each type in order to determine which would be most suited to your event. We’ve had a look at two that are commonly mixed up; the military band and marching band. In short, a military band does in fact fall under the marching band genre as the latter’s term applies to a range of brass bands, including drum and bugle corp and the party band. However, military band refers to a brass band that performs in organised and straight ranks, with a lot of emphasis on their uniformity and will play patriotic or official nation songs. Whereas a marching band may be found at colleges, performing at halftime during a big game and with much more crowd engagement.

Hire Brass Bands on our Books
If you would like to hire brass bands we have an excellent range to choose from, each with their own distinct style and sound that makes them unique. Our extensive roster includes a great selection of brass bands including marching bands, traditional brass bands, military bands, fanfare trumpeters and many more. You can hire brass bands of all different sizes and specialities, whether it’s an exciting twist on old classics or more of a contemporary feel, we can provide the right brass band for your event. Here are a few of the brass bands to hire on our books:

  • Hire Brass Band Wonderbrass – With over twenty-five members this band deliver electrifying sets with an intoxicating mix of genres and a repertoire spanning from old classics to recent pop hits. They are sure to get everyone in the groove wherever they go.
  • Hire Brass Band Loud Noises – With their exclusive fusion of contemporary brass music and up tempo dance this modern four-piece have performed around the UK putting an exciting twist on beloved hits.
  • Hire Brass Band Bollywood Brass Band – As Europe’s first Indian wedding brass band this vibrant and colourful group of musicians are always in demand, combining brass arrangements and Bhangra rhythms to their performances, this group will put on a show like no other.

Hire Brass Bands
For an event full of life and energy hire brass bands. A dynamic and engaging form of music, brass bands have the versatility to keep everyone happy, whether its modern or traditional, big or small, high octane or slow and atmospheric, our collection of brass bands are sure to help make it a spectacular event. As a leading entertainment booking agency Contraband have the knowledge and capability to assist you with choosing the perfect brass band to hire. Our experienced and dedicated account managers can recommend the most suited act for the special occasion. Just get in touch and we would be delighted to help you book brass bands for an unforgettable function!

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