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Browse our roster of exceptionally talented Artistic Entertainment for hire including graffiti, calligraphy, sand artists, caricaturists, air sculptors… who are available to book for corporate, marketing and private events around the world.

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Hire / Book Artistic Entertainment

Air Sculptors

Air Sculptors create their work using airflow and lightweight materials to produce pieces of art that seem suspended in the air and play on elements such as wind or gravity to make their artwork unique.


For a touch of humour and artistic ingenuity hire a caricaturist for your event. Our fantastic range of caricaturists can create art on paper, tablets, balloons & more are particularly popular at weddings.

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Origami Artists

The finest UK origami artists to hire to create small & large bespoke paper designs and intricate designs for souvenirs or as some unique decor for the venue, whether it is a private or corporate event they are sure to be popular with your guests.

Hire / Book from our Artistic Entertainment roster

Silhouette Artists

Hire Silhouette artists if you’re looking for unique and personalised artwork that can capture your guests or event in a special way and which the guests can keep as a memento of the event. Silhouette artists are particularity popular at weddings.

Hire / Book from our Artistic Entertainment roster

Art Installations

Transform your venue with our breath-taking art installation for hire. Our talented installation artists cover digital wall mapping, dance, art and much more.

Hire / Book from our Artistic Entertainment roster

Graffiti Artists

Our clever and inspired graffiti artists can create some amazing artwork for all kinds of events, exhibitions & workshops that will catch people’s attention and have them transfixed as they watch the remarkable artists do their work.

Hire / Book from our Artistic Entertainment roster

Pavement Artists

Pavement artists will gather large crowds at all type of events, drawing them in to their unique and visually striking pieces of work. Just like a graffiti artist, Pavement Artists can create portraits, scenes and 3D effects and use your company logo and create amazing pieces of street art.

Hire / Book from our Artistic Entertainment roster

Speed Painters

Our exciting roster is crammed full of talented speed painters to hire who can create fantastic works of art in a matter of minutes.

Calligraphy Artists

Choose from Japanese & Chinese calligraphy artists, to workshops & shows.

Hire / Book from our Artistic Entertainment roster

Ice Sculptures

An ice sculptor can be hired to create a magical piece; whether it is a live ice carving, a workshop or a bespoke ice sculpture, it is sure to impress your guests.

Hire / Book from our Artistic Entertainment roster

Sand Artists

Bring some of the beach to your event and hire sand artists to sculpt a sensational piece of sand art that will impress your guests. These talented sand artists can be booked for a bespoke work of art that is a great talking point and looks amazing!

Hire / Book Artistic Entertainment

If you’re looking to have a unique and creative event hire Artistic Entertainment. These artists can contribute some imaginative pieces of work to your event to make it a truly magical experience for everyone, hiring artistic entertainment is a great way to grab your guests attention and make the event an unforgettable occasion.

There is a diverse range of amazing artistic entertainment to hire such as Silhouette artists who can produce an intricate piece of work with just some paper and scissors for your guests to take home. There are also caricaturists to hire for a more funny take on a self-portrait or you can book calligraphy artists if you want some attractive writing to adorn any invitations, signs, or menus, they are especially perfect as artistic entertainment for weddings. That’s not all!

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