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Hire / Book Bizarre Circus Acts

Hire bizarre circus acts to deliver their brand of eccentric entertainment that will leave your guests speechless. We have a variety of stomach-twisting bizarre circus acts to hire including light bulb swallowers, bed of nails performers and the Guinness World Record holders! Get in touch to find out more about our bizarre circus acts…

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Hire / Book Bizarre Circus Acts

Take a walk on the weird side and hire bizarre circus acts for shocking entertainment your guests won’t believe. These eclectic performers guarantee to thrill with astonishing acts, with a taste for danger they love to tread the line between the weird and wonderful, putting the bodies through fascinating ordeals to entertain their audience. Whether you’re looking to hire bizarre circus acts for a Halloween themed party or to captivate guests on stage at a festival, these performers will draw in the crowds from far and wide with their unique skills.

Bizarre Circus Acts on our Roster
We have a fantastic and diverse selection of bizarre circus acts to hire that will ensure your event will leave you guests in awe. With everything from sword swallowers to fire-breathers this brilliant bunch of marvellously mad performers can put on a bespoke show for their audiences that will send them wild. To give you a taster of the different bizarre circus acts to hire through us we have thought of a few examples:

  • Bizarre Circus Act Danger Duo – This daredevil pair specialise in the nerve-wracking art of knife throwing; the Instagram videos of their incredible stunts have even gone viral making them one of the best in the business.
  • Bizarre Circus Act Garry Stretch – For something truly strange and unique, this performer is the Guinness World Record Holder of Stretchiest Skin in the World and will put on a performance like no other.
  • Bizarre Circus Act Rod & Alex – This top quality quirky act puts on a brilliantly bizarre entertaining ping pong show using an original spin of humour and glamour to amuse their audience.

Famous Bizarre Circus Acts in History
Bizarre circus acts evolved out of the famed freak shows that became popular in the mid-16th century, where people with extraordinary appearances or talents would draw in the crowds. Acts such as sword swallowing and fire-eating were some of the first bizarre circus acts to be attempted but soon there was a remarkable range of daring individuals who introduced their death-defying stunts to the public. Some of the most notable bizarre circus acts in history include:

  • Frank ‘Cannonball’ Richards – This famed performer could reportedly take a cannonball of 47 kilograms being fired right at his stomach up to two times a day.
  • The Fireproof Woman – Josephine Giradelli was famous in 1816 for apparently being immune to heat, she would hold boiling lead in her mouth and walk barefoot on red-hot metal.
  • The Human Fly – So called because of his deceptive ability to walk on walls and ceilings, acrobat Richard Sands would hang from hoops by his feet to pull off the stunt.

Booking Bizarre Circus Acts
If you’re worried about setting your event apart from the rest you can hire bizarre circus acts to remedy your problem, with these performers as your entertainment your event is sure to be an exclusive success. As a top entertainment booking agency Contraband’s account managers can be relied upon to get you fabulous deals and help you hire bizarre circus entertainment that will blow everyone away. For a sensationally special occasion hire bizarre circus acts with us, we would be delighted to help you with your bizarre circus act enquiry.

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