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Freak Show, Walkabout Freaks & Day of the Dead

Mess are a group of trained actors and prosthetic makeup artists who create out of this world Halloween, Day Of the Dead, Freak, Easter, Alice in Wonderland… characters to amaze your guests! These corporate entertainers will make a huge impact at any corporate event or private function. They think up character creations and performances with such imagination you are guaranteed to see something you have never seen before. Their characters are ideal to welcome guests for any event giving a huge impact from the moment you set foot through the door. They can be walkabout characters or a living installation, perform small acts throughout the evening or a larger stage show.

The characters provided by Mess are incredibly versatile. They are magical both day and night and can have a fantastic impact in small intimate venues and large open spaces. They are perfect for corporate events and product launches, body painted characters can be easily branded to the client’s colours or characters in costume can have adapted clothing to work with a client’s brand or colour scheme. Their actors are versatile performers and thrive on adapting the performances to suit clients’ requirements. Acts Available:

The Siamese Twins
If you are looking for something to shock your guests with, try our Siamese Twins. These two beautiful circus twins interact with guests throughout the evening with flirty and giggly walkabout act. Fanning each other, interrupting each other and finishing each others sentences. Audiences are then treated to their famous ‘Double Feathered Fan Dance’, a burlesque act that ends in a very unexpected and gory way!

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The Porcelain Dolls
At a glance this doll act looks very sweet and innocent. The two blonde haired, sweet little dolls in matching pink dresses greet the audience and excitedly show them their ‘Music box’ dance routine, taking it in turns politely to show the audience their favourite moves. It doesn’t take long before their dancing becomes a competition which turns nasty. An accidental kick to the shin starts a full blown gore fight and eventually they start ripping each other apart. This duo use prosthetics to create a truly grotesque stage show. Not for the faint hearted the show results in one doll scalping the other with a knife, cutting all her hair off leaving her bloody and bald and screaming for revenge! The scalped doll finishes the act by cutting the other dolls beating heart out of her chest and showing it to the audience!

The Bearded Ladies
Add a circus freak show feel to your event with our bearded ladies! As walk about characters or as a stage show with a comedic reveal, these bearded ladies are bound to make your audience giggle. They can either be dressed in traditional circus showgirl attire with feathered fans and headresses or for a twist they can do walk about as their male alter egos in full business suits or tuxedos before a comedic clown strip to reveal sexy female underwear underneath.

Eye Ball Kid
After the bearded lady, the giant and the tattooed man comes The Eyeball Kid. A freak even too freaky for the circus freak show! Team her with our other circus freaks for a full on circus feel to your night or hire her on her own for walk about, installation or a show. The Eyeball kid has a witch doctor feel as she goes around the crowd telling fortunes and predicting fates, she can sit in a giant picture frame imitating the original freak show photographs or perform a burlesque style stage show that leaves the eye ball reveal for the climax of the act! The stage show can be a more traditional burlesque strip with the reveal at the end or for a more gory shocking end before the reveal she cuts out her own eyes as who needs the conventional set when you have a more eye catching set in your bra!

Butoh – An interpretive dance and movement style
Inspired by the Ankoku-Butoh movement in Japan. It typically involves playful and grotesque imagery, taboo topics, extreme or absurd environments, and is traditionally performed in white body makeup with bald head and slow hyper-controlled motion. Hire trained Butoh performers to perform a durational installation dance at your event. The performers can perform in traditional white paint and bald head using a plethora of performance tools such as white confetti, lengths of ribbon and stage blood. Or have the costume/paint of the performers fitting to a certain theme – in the past our Butoh performers have been painted as clowns, skeletons and in earth tones to suit particular requirements.

Adult Babies
If you are looking for something truly strange then look no further than our walkabout Adult Babies. You can choose a variety of different body shapes for the heads; from large to small, tall to short, they can be as obscure as you like.

Day of the Dead
Mess’ amazingly body painted performers will impress your guests!

Technical Specification:
The Freak Characters require a small room for preparation that is well lit in order to be able to apply the prosthetics & make-up, and can accommodate at least 4-5 people comfortably.

Standard Length of Performance:
The Freak Characters perform a standard of 2 x 45 minute walkabout sets.

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Create out of this world characters to amaze guests

Versatile performers who have a fantastic impact in small intimate venues and large open spaces

Can be walkabout characters or a living installation, perform small acts throughout the evening or a larger stage show

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Here’s what Freak Show & Walkabout Freaks – Mess’ clients said:

We keep hiring Mess to create surreal and original performances for our live events and every time they blow our minds wide open. We can’t get enough of this talented, creative collective and neither can our guests!

Mess have contributed to our events on numerous occasions, and each time they create a bigger, better and more amazing world for our crowd to wander into and interact with. They seamlessly combine an abundance of creativity with a rare level of professionalism and an ability to constantly over deliver
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