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Hire / Book Bubble Performers

We have a brilliant roster of Bubble Performers to hire that are guaranteed to entertain and captivate any audience, mesmerising them with their bubble magic. Contact us to find out more about hiring a bubble performer…

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Amazing Bubble Performer Samsam performing at Butlins Science Show

Hire / Book Bubble Performers

If you hire a bubble performer for your event they are sure to blow everyone away with their kaleidoscopic visual shows, wowing the crowds with amazing bubbles off all different sizes and shapes. These bubble performers can make gigantic bubbles that will swallow you whole or conjure up a flurry of tiny bubbles for an impressive cloud-like effect. For truly unique and fascinating entertainment hire a bubble performer, they are sure to mesmerise your guests with their bubble mastery.

Bubble Performers on Our Books
We have a roster packed full of brilliant bubble performers who can put on an exceptional show for you and your guests, their bubble magic is engrossing, atmospheric entertainment that really helps add a mystical edge to your party. With a wealth of experience under their belts our bubble performers are some of the best in the business, here are a few examples of the bubble performers available to hire with us:

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  • Bubble Performer Samsam – With over seven Guinness World Records to his name, Samsam is one of the leading figures in bubbleology, astounding big brands and celebrities all over the world with his captivating bubble show.
  • The Bubble Wizard – This passionate bubble performer has a background in cabaret and magic that helps to bring his shows to life, his interactive shows are a visual feast for all.
  • Love a Bubble – A charming bubble performer, Love a Bubble shares her magical gifts with her audience, drawing them in to her fascinating bubble world.

3 Top Events to Book Bubble Performers For
Bubble performers are guaranteed to entertain and captivate any audience, making your day that bit more special and adding an exciting element to any party. They will amuse and amaze everyone with their giant bubbles, bubble tricks and fantastic bubble shows and can provide great corporate entertainment at your event. To help you decide if they are right for your event we have thought of the three most popular events a bubble performer is booked for:

  • Children’s Party – Bubbles are a delightful source of entertainment for children, hiring a bubble performer for their party will give them the chance to see bubbles on a whole new level.
  • Corporate Event – The enchanting and spellbinding nature of bubbles can fit in perfectly at a corporate event, adding to the atmosphere and aesthetics whilst also working great as a conversation starter.
  • Festivals – A bubble performer is a fantastic presence at a festival, the bubbles will attract everyone around for a photo op, spreading the good spirit and blending in with the vibrant, eccentric vibe of a typical festival.

Booking a Bubble Performer
For an original and exciting form of entertainment, hire a bubble performer, they can contribute to your event with their special talents and incredible repertoire of bubble tricks. Our dedicated and friendly account managers can help you find the best bubble performer suited to your event and give you some fresh ideas to make your event truly stand out from the rest. As a top entertainment agency we have the capacity to ensure your event is a true success, just get in touch and we would be thrilled to help you put on an event to remember!


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