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Hire / Book Ribbon & Flag Dancers

Hire ribbon & flag dancers to put on an unforgettable show full of expressive routines and beautiful visuals. Captivate your guests with this magnetic entertainment as our ribbon & flag dancers expertly choreograph engaging shows. For more information about hiring ribbon & flag dancers get in touch…

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Divine’s Ribbon & Flag Dancers Light Emitting Dance Show

Hire / Book Ribbon & Flag Dancers

For a Ribbon dance event call us now! We have everything from ribbon dance acts to flag dancers to hire. You can hire flag dancers and ribbon dancers for any type of event.

The Divine dance troupe are an excellent choice and will always provide amazing entertainment. They offer ribbon dance performance combining contemporary dance and rhythmic gymnastics. The Optioscopes have earned a strong reputation for producing highly engaging, original and skillfully produced dance performances and their costumes can be transformed into elegant wingless dresses, perfect for ribbon dance, flag performance etc.

As a Entertainment booking agency, you can hire Ribbon & Flag Dancers through Contraband Events – just give us a call and we will be delighted to discuss a Ribbon & Flag Dancer booking with you!

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