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Hire / Book Ribbon & Flag Dancers

Hire ribbon & flag dancers to put on an unforgettable show full of expressive routines and beautiful visuals. Captivate your guests with this magnetic entertainment as our ribbon & flag dancers expertly choreograph engaging shows. For more information about hiring ribbon & flag dancers get in touch…

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Divine’s Ribbon & Flag Dancers Light Emitting Dance Show

Hire / Book Ribbon & Flag Dancers

If you are looking to lift up your event with some magical entertainment, hire ribbon dancers or hire flag dancers. These enchanting performers blend contemporary dance with elements of gymnastics for a high-energy performance that will draw in the crowds. A fabulously unique and engaging act, you can hire ribbon dancers to put on sensational performances that will fascinate your guests or hire flag dancers for a patriotic event that celebrates your heritage.

What is a Ribbon Dancer?
The art of ribbon dancing first came about in China, performed to royals as a celebration of freedom and joy, reflected in the expressive nature of the dance. Ribbon Dancers use the ribbon in time with the music, moving it to the beats and incorporating it with their movements for a visual feast.

Did You Know? – It is rumoured the ribbon dance was done in honour of a man who saved a Han Dynasty emperor from an assassination attempt using only the silk from his sleeve to block the sword.

What is a Flag Dancer?
Developed more recently, flag dancing is said to be derived from fan dancing and came about in the 1990’s. The form of dancing was particularly prominent in gay culture. Over time it became more widely recognised across the world and soon there were workshops teaching the art of flag dancing. Similar to ribbon dancing, flag dancers wave and spin the flags in time to the music.
Did You Know? – In San Francisco there is a monthly event called ‘Flagging in the Park’ where flag dancers and other performers are invited to come and help raise money for charity.

What is the Difference Between Flag Dancers and Ribbon Dancers?
These two expressive styles if dancing both use props to help accentuate their movements and create a grander visual impact. However, apart from the fact that ribbon dancers use ribbons and flag dancers use flags there are not many differences. The main factors that differentiate the two are the history. Where ribbon dancing can be traced far back to the Hand Dynasty, flag dancing is much more contemporary and this does have some effect on their style of dance, with flag dancers incorporating more modern moves and ribbon dancers occasionally having a more traditional style.

Hire Ribbon & Flag Dancers on our Roster
If you’re looking to hire ribbon dancers or hire flag dancers you can have your pick of some of the leading professionals in the industry from our roster. The incredible ribbon dancers to hire on our books have a wealth of experience and know how to excite the crowds with their dynamic and elegant routines. Our flag dancers can offer a memorable performance that is designed to inspire your guests with excellent choreography. Here are a few of the ribbon & flag dancers to hire on our roster:

  • Hire ribbon & flag dancers Divine – This exceptional dance troupe of ribbon & flag dancers will thrill your guests with their bespoke shows full of colour and awe. Consisting of world class gymnasts and dancers they will blow everyone away.
  • Hire ribbon dancers The Optioscopes – A dazzling group of spectacularly outfitted ribbon & flag dancers, these performers have an astonishing range of costumes and routines to pick from and can put on an amazing bespoke show to make a lasting impact on your guests.
  • Hire ribbon & flag dancer Lady Grey – Experienced, elegant and in prefect synchronicity these demure dancers will mesmerise your guests with their visually engrossing choreography and ensure your event is extra special.

Hire Ribbon & Flag Dancers
If you would like your event to shine, impress and amaze then hire ribbon dancers or hire flag dancers for a glamorous and visually striking performance that will captivate all the onlookers and make for excellent entertainment. If you need any advice or recommendations when you hire ribbon or flag dancers then all you need to do is get in touch, our amicable and dedicated account managers will help you choose the perfect ribbon & flag dancers to hire for any occasion. As a leading entertainment booking agency we understand the desire to put on a memorable event that everyone will enjoy, if you give us a call we can assist you with hiring ribbon & flag dancers to make sure you accomplish that.

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