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Hire / Book Graffiti Artists

Our inspired and innovative graffiti artists available to hire can create some amazing artwork for all kinds of events; whether it is a private party or corporate function they will wow the crowds with their artistic prowess. Contact us to find out more about hiring a graffiti artist for an unforgettable event…

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Hire Graffiti Artists

If you like to stop and admire the vibrant and unique pieces of art that adorn so many buildings and walls around the world then you should hire graffiti artists for your event! Our clever and inspired graffiti artists can create some amazing artwork for all kinds of events and exhibitions that will catch people’s attention and have them transfixed as they watch the remarkable artists do their work. You can hire graffiti artists to really make an impression and create a customised piece of art that will bring your event to life.

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Our Different Graffiti Artists on our books
We have a diverse range of experienced graffiti artists to hire, each with their own style and technique which makes them unique. Whether you’re looking for a bold and experimental style to decorate your venue or are after an eye-catching piece of realism to make your guests look twice, we can find you the right graffiti artist to book for your occasion. Some of our gifted graffiti artists to hire include:

  • Graffiti artist Morganic who can create some stunning multi-layered mural designs which pop off the walls
  • Graffiti artist Aaron who creates some fantastically exclusive pieces by recreating scenes with photo-realistic imagery and making them his own.
  • Live Art who create graffiti whilst the crowds look on, giving people some exciting insight into how graffiti art is planned and produced to become the fascinating depictions you see on the walls. Workshops and live graffiti are a great opportunity to get a close look at this popular art form and give your guests a fresh and unique experience.
  • Graffiti artists workshop – the enthusiastic and engaging graffiti experts will guide your group through the basic techniques of graffiti with a ‘hands on’ approach. Within a matter of hours they can teach anyone to produce slick graffiti art.

Did You Know?
Graffiti Art is not as modern as you might think, it actually dates all the way back to ancient Rome where the Romans would carve messages and pictures, such as love declarations or political rhetoric, into walls and monuments. It could go back even further than that if you count the inscriptions and drawings found in caves and ancient ruins.

Booking a Graffiti Artist
Graffiti art is a hugely popular form of modern art, with each graffiti artist expressing themselves to the public with their own unique designs. Our friendly and dedicated account managers can help you with a graffiti artist booking – just give us a call and we would be more than happy to help you hire graffiti artists.


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