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Graffiti Workshop

Richard’s Graffiti Workshop lasts 5 hours; this gives sufficient time for participants to be thoroughly introduced to the many different aspects of the culture. Aerosol art is a fast growing form of recognised artwork throughout the world. When produced properly and in the right place it can be a very visually satisfying treat to look upon and can be appreciated and admired not just by the youth of today but by all ages.

The elements Richard explores in his Graffiti Workshop are drawing and developing a design, looking at classic styles and techniques, transferring the design in large scale to a wall, fill in patterns, background effects and characters. Participants are encouraged to investigate their own personal graffiti style but group work is encouraged when it comes to transferring the final design to the wall. All graffiti techniques and materials are fully explained with step by step instructions by professional aerosol artists.

Richard’s Graffiti Workshop usually takes 5 hours a day.

Our Artist Spotlight feature is where we focus on one of our performers, giving you the chance to find out more about the people behind the performances, and offering an insight into the world of entertainment bookings. Here’s our Artist Spotlight on Richard’s Graffiti Workshop – Graffiti Workshop:

“I’ve been a graffiti artist for over 15 years and this has been my profession for 7years. Living in Bristol, which is considered the capital for graffiti art in the UK, I have gained much experience in commercial works with local councils, independent businesses and corporations”.

“I am a time served professional in the graffiti art world and have gained
a good and credible reputation as a mural artist, workshop leader and solo artist”

“My advice to someone who wants to choose graffiti as a career choice is DON’T. It is not a career choice; it’s a way of life. The choice of channeling your graffiti into a career comes after you have dedicated the majority of your life to painting for fun and self-satisfaction. Any financial gain comes with time: only by serving your former years as young graffiti artist can you then go on to seek commercial work and still keep your reputation strong as a solo graffiti artist”.

“My most pleasurable event for Contraband events was painting the head office in London. I felt honoured to be invited by Archie Archer and was welcomed by all the staff I had been communicating with for years but had never met. So, this was a good opportunity to meet the Contraband staff too”.

“My best experiences of being a professional graffiti artist has to be all of the places around the world it has taken me and getting to know all of the interesting
people I have met through this”

“I have quite specific reasons why I am in involved in art on many levels: as an artist I believe it is my responsibility to share my art and the expression of my art with others. However, as a result of becoming a father I now feel a desire to share this with the younger generations of artists”.

“I believe that they experience many obstacles similar to those I experienced whilst developing their art forms living in a busy urban environment”

“My inspiration for the art form comes from my life experiences. Having spent most of my formative years in a city environment I felt that I was subject to many messages aimed at me directly and indirectly through advertising, media, schooling and city life. This endless input from many sources mixed with the emotions I experienced, entering into adulthood, and influenced my personal development in many ways. Now, it feels very important for me, as an individual, to express these effects. Art, especially graffiti, helps me to communicate and share such feelings and keeps me balanced: it creates a harmony between the sources of input and my personal output in life.This defines my creative flow and ensures my mental, emotional and physical wellbeing”

“Art has made me conscious of which sources are aiming to influence my thoughts and behaviour. Quite simply, when I stand back and reflect upon my work I discover what flows from me and consider what I contribute to my community. I feel that this has helped me become a more conscious and understanding member of a wider society. Many years of experience have enabled me to deconstruct the process necessary for a person to develop creatively in an urban landscape”.

“As a result, I am confidently capable as an art teacher and as an artist and would like to share this knowledge with younger members who also have a similar passion for art”

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An artform that’s fast growing and recognised worldwide

Visually satisfying artwork that can be appreciate by all ages

Leads workshops that gives participants a detailed introduction to Graffiti culture

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Here’s what Richard – Graffiti Artists’ clients said:

“Rik was great onsite today – please pass on my huge thanks for his professionalism and creative work! It worked a treat! He not only came up with a simple but effective JCCV inspired tag but also really got into the spirit of the day by sporting hard hats and hi vis jackets! A great find and we’d definitely use him again. Also, Rik got a personal mention at the end of the ceremony so he should be pleased!”

Sledge Ltd

“Richard completed a number of youth workshops for us and we were extremely happy with the services provided.”

Private Client

”What an amazing job you have done today with the group of year 3’s. Their class teacher couldn’t believe how engaged and enthused they were. The feedback from staff has been brilliant and even my husband who was a non believer in graffiti loved it when I showed him after school.”

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Richard – Graffiti Artists’ Previous Clients:

Wiltshire County Council
Bristol City Council
Bristol Clean and Green
Stroud District Council
Wotton Youth Center

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