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Hire / Book Champagne Waitresses

For some glamour and class with a unique twist hire champagne waitresses for your event. Our elegant champagne waitresses will look great at any occasion. For more information about hiring champagne waitresses just get in touch…

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One of our sparkling Champagne Aerialists

Hire / Book Champagne Waitresses

To make your event a true sensation you can hire champagne waitresses to serve up bubbles with some extra flair and style. Our stunning champagne waitresses and waiters will add some glamour to the occasion, whether it’s serving champagne from the skies with our aerial champagne waitresses or doing a round of the room adorned in a fascinating champagne dress. You are sure to have a remarkable event if you hire champagne waitresses and waiters, their charisma and beautiful costumes will win over the crowds and look great as they do it

What is a Champagne Waitress or Waiter?
A champagne waitress or waiter is someone who serves up the popular drink, usually in a unique and original way. This may come in the form of an aerial act where they can be rigged up in the skies or ceiling and blend an engaging routine with pouring out champagne for your guests. There is also the creation of the champagne dress which can hold many glasses and be worn as they mingle with guests, providing a great talking point and some delectable interactive entertainment.

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