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Need event entertainment & thinking inside the box since the box isn’t there? Check out our classical & contemporary Mime Artists for hire

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We offer great mime performers for hire for all types of mime events. Our mime entertainers bring you the most traditional and current mime artists in the events industry. To highlight only a few our Mime Artists available for hire.

Classic French Mime Artist
Richard was classically trained with the late French Master Jacques Lecoq from Paris and has performed and trained with various other high profile mime teachers…

Classic French Mime Artist performs as the classic white faced French Mime, that mimes all the classics; pulling ropes, the glass wall, walking in the wind and moon walking.

Bespoke Mime Artist
Jason has performed and taught mime around the world for the last 20 years. His style and content are tailored to each event. Jason performs mime illusions and strong characterisation with confidence. He can incorporate slow motion movement, expert robotic, mime illusions, animated statues, shop dummies and visual comedy.

Christmas Elves Mime Artists
These elf mime artists are comedy entertainers who have years of experience and tons of energy to mime Christmas themed characters. The performers have won the ‘European Festival of Street Entertainers Award’ the ‘International Busking Competition’ and the ‘Australian Bicentennial Competition’ for entertainment.

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