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Think outside the imaginary box and hire mime artists for your event. We have a fantastic range of contemporary and classic mime artists on our roster. Get in touch to learn more about hiring mime artists…

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Hire / Book a Mime Artist

For a classic act that has been entertaining crowds for decades, hire mime artists for your event. Mime artists are a brilliant option if you are looking for entertainment that captivates your guests in a self-contained act that can be used at all manner of occasions. If you are looking to hire mime artists we have plenty to choose from on our roster that includes an excellent variety of unique mimes, each with their own twist or style that makes them stand out.

What is a Mime Artist?
A mime artist performs mime in a theatrical sense, this means that they may act out a story or put on a routine without any speech, just solely using their body movements. It is a form of silent comedy that continues to entertain throughout the years.

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